House Bill 50 Opted Out Of Senate Education Committee Today

House Bill 50, Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

Delaware House Bill 50, the parent opt-out legislation, is not on the agenda for the Delaware Senate Education Committee today.  I can think of several reasons for this.  First, it may be too soon.  While this is an important bill for parents, there are well over 200 proposed bills floating around at Legislative Hall.  Second, while six days may seem like a long time to wait for opt-out advocates, it is a relatively short time for the General Assembly.  While we all want HB50 to speed through, a moment of calm may be needed for the Delaware Senate.  A third possibility is it WILL be heard today, but Senate Education Committee Chair Senator David Sokola doesn’t want all the hype coming with the meeting.

There is only one bill on the agenda, Senate Bill 79.  Could Sokola be keeping HB50 off the agenda that is “subject to change”?  We shall find out at 3:00pm today when the Senate Education Committee convenes in the Senate Hearing Room, Room 248 on the East Side of Legislative Hall.

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