Delaware School Board Election Results

Delaware School Board Elections

I will be updating this through the night as information comes in.  Nothing official from the county election websites yet.  Down in Laurel School District, Frank Calio is reporting a victory for incumbent Brent Nichols, defeating Kim Trivits 288-168.  If you get any information, please email me at from now until the official results are released.

Update 8:34pm: nothing yet…

8:36pm: I’m hearing Michelle Myers Wall won in Appoquinimink, but nothing official.

8:42: A direct source informed me Earle Dempsey and Andrea Miller won in Lake Forest.

8:52: Hearing Kristin Pidgeon and Karen Gordon won in Brandywine, and Jason Bradley and Roni Posner in Cape Henlopen.

9:05pm: hearing unofficially Ralph Taylor won in Capital by 11 votes.

9:10: Gilefski in Woodbridge

9:16pm: Martin Wilson defeated Alfred Lance, 291-264, unofficial…

9:17pm: Ralph Taylor confirming win in Capital…

9:25pm: Cape Gazette confirming victories for Posner and Bradley in Cape Henlopen

9:34pm: Delaware Department of Elections showing unofficial results for Kent County-

Capital: Taylor 336, Paylor 325, Servon 74

Lake Forest: Dempsey 356, Brode 176; and Miller 421, Auen 94

Milford: Dennehy 386, Evans 149, DelRossi 44

9:39pm: Department of Elections showing unofficial for New Castle County

Appoquinimink: Myers-Wall 609, Harrington 216, Christian 117, Greathouse 94, Weller 26, Scott 24

Brandywine: Pidgeon 1,000, Kirksey 163; and Gordon 995 Hanby 270

Colonial: Kennedy 140, Pierce 93

Red Clay: Wilson 291, Lance 264

Once the results are official by the Delaware Department of Elections, I will make it official!

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