Academy of Dover… Stop Hiding Things, There Are No Words…

Academy of Dover

Kilroy’s Delaware published an article tonight with information I heard about last week.  Go ahead and read what Kilroy wrote, but make sure you click on the link to read the letter the Delaware DOE just sent the school last Thursday.

I’m not going to distribute the details about what I heard about the “incident”.  If it happened the way I heard it happen, it should have been all over the news.  Why isn’t it Academy of Dover?  Too worried about your school getting shut down?  Parents put a level of trust in a school when they choose to send their child there.  You have squandered that privilege time and time again.  This latest thing is not even comprehensible.  You need to go public and let the community know about the act of violence against a student by a teacher.  You need to let people know what the consequences were for the teacher and let us know why the police were not notified.  I remember a time when my family considered applying there.  I thank God we never did.  Because I can think of a few things that would cause me to be full of rage.  What happened there is one of them.

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