My Thank You Note To The DE House of Representatives

House Bill 50, Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

To the Delaware House of Representatives,

I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you, even those who voted no or were not able to make it, for the sincere discussion about House Bill 50.  I’m sure it goes without saying I am very much in support of the bill, but even the opposition has the right to voice objections, which in turn fueled further discussion on the matter.  And I’m sure were not done yet.  The important thing is Delaware parents feel like you are listening, and we want to take that momentum to engage in further discussion on how to best serve our children.  I’m sure a lot of you probably don’t want to hear the words “opt” and “out” for a while, so I will end on that note.


Kevin Ohlandt

Please take the time to thank your reps!  And get going on the Senate!

2 thoughts on “My Thank You Note To The DE House of Representatives

  1. I sent a thank you, and I received several replies back. It’s nice to know that these representatives truly care about what parents, teachers, students, and their constituents want. It’s renewed my faith in Delaware’s legislative process, because Jack Markell certainly made me lose hope.


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