DSEA Reveals Governor Markell’s Flexible Funding Pilot Buried In FY 2016 Budget Bill

Flexible Funding Pilot, Governor Markell

This information, sent to me by a VERY concerned Delaware citizen, is not good for Delaware schools.  What is the game plan here Markell?  Why do you want to destroy education?

Gov. Markell has proposed budget language that could cost educators their jobs and eliminate well-rounded educational programs for students and cost educators their jobs.  The program is the Flexible Funding Pilot found at the end of the FY 2016 Budget Bill.  The program, if enacted, would give districts the flexibility to save money by eliminating programs and positions that are not innovative, lead to student achievement, or are deemed too costly.  The Flexible Funding Pilot is a deliberate move away from funding programs and positions based on student population.  DSEA believes that Delaware’s school funding system needs to be re-examined in a responsible manner that is inclusive of current practitioners, experts in the field, and elected officials.  We do not support changing the funding system by hiding a new system in the 230+ paged budget bill.  We are asking you to contact members of the Joint Finance Committee- the committee responsible for voting on this language and express the following:

  • Delaware students need a well-rounded education, not one focused on budget constraints or test scores! Do not vote for the Flexible Funding Pilot in the budget Epilogue.
  • The Flexible Funding Pilot means loss of jobs for: Arts and Social Studies Teachers, School Psychologists, Guidance Counselors, Speech Pathologists, Secretaries, Custodians and Food Service Workers.
  • The Flexible Funding Pilot is an irresponsible approach to addressing Delaware’s school funding problems. We want a comprehensive review and plan put together by current practitioners, experts in the field, and elected officials.

We need to lobby JFC Members over the next few weeks. Please contact these legislators and share this message with colleagues that may not have access to a home email!  Please note: If the program gets the votes it needs, then this becomes a local organizing issue. Your local school board will have to approve a Flexible Funding plan in order to take part in the pilot.

Joint Finance Chairs · Senator Harris McDowell Harris.McDowell@state.de.us (302) 744-4269 · Representative Melanie George Smith melanie.g.smith@state.de.us (302) 577-8473 Joint Finance Members · Representative J.J. Johnson- New Castle jj.johnson@state.de.us (302) 577-5312 · Representative Debra Heffernan- Brandywine Hundred debra.heffernan@state.de.us 302) 744-4030 · Representative Bill Carson – Smyrna william.carson@state.de.us 302) 744-4193 · Representative Harvey Kenton- Kent/Sussex County Harvey.Kenton@state.de.us (302) 744-4267 · Representative Joe Miro – Pike Creek/Newark joseph.miro@state.de.us (302) 577-8723 · Senator Brian Bushweller- Dover brian.bushweller@state.de.us (302) 744-4035 · Senator Bruce Ennis – Middletown/Smyrna bruce.ennis@state.de.us (302) 744-4035 · Senator Cathy Cloutier – Brandywine Hundred catherine.cloutier@state.de.us (302) 744-4197 · Senator Karen Peterson- Newport Karen.Peterson@state.de.us (302) 577-5305 · Senator Dave Lawson –Lower Kent County/Sussex County Dave.Lawson@state.de.us (302) 744-4237

5 thoughts on “DSEA Reveals Governor Markell’s Flexible Funding Pilot Buried In FY 2016 Budget Bill

  1. what’s scary is that someone at DSEA might think this is more important than opt out. Their RA didn’t pass a resolution to fight this…just sayin’


  2. No kidding. I was told a member of the JFC in a recent meeting that he has not been contacted by DSEA is over five years about anything. Sad…


  3. Well to support DSEA I went to a meeting at DSEA on Monday with a member of the jfc and we talked a lot about this issue. Not sure about the past but there is conversation now.


  4. The time to get in front of the JFC and protest this will come soon when the Joint Finance meets to work out the DDOE budget in a few weeks. The meeting schedule is published but get there early because they go early and don’t stick with their schedule if things are moving quickly that particular day.


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