Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 31 ***MUST-READ EMAIL FROM MARK MURPHY***


Part 31.  The announcement will take place in less than 12 hours.  Delaware  Secretary of Education Mark Murphy sends out a very late email to Governor Markell’s Chief of Staff, Mike Barlow.


This email shows many things.  Mark Murphy’s line about “FYI-you certainly don’t need to be talking details, but wanted you to see this…” raises many questions.  Who designed the whole priority schools initiative with these six schools in mind?  Why would the Secretary advise the Governor’s Chief of Staff, who advises the Governor on matters like this, not to discuss how the schools were chosen?  Penny’s comments about the methodology show the DOE created formulas just to get to these schools.

I reached out to Mark Murphy, Governor Markell and Mike Barlow for an explanation of this email.  No response was provided by any of the parties involved.

This series about the priority schools will go on, because there are more emails after the fact, and a few more revelations and bombshells.

3 thoughts on “Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 31 ***MUST-READ EMAIL FROM MARK MURPHY***

  1. But wait…. now that we know the facts, we know these were not the lowest scorers. Some were in Sussex County. We know that other agencies rated two of the priority schools with a grade of A. We know that an independent school rating system, with NO relation to the DOE, ranked the two worst schools the same as DOE, but had Warner at the 75 percentile and two other priority schools in the mid-60th percentile.

    If you notice, there is no data corresponding to the methodology. This whole priority thing is made up…. All this letter does is say: tell them these are priority schools because “we” say so….

    This entire priority debacle was hinged on a lie………. a lie.

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  2. This is truly appalling! What on earth is wrong with these people? My mother would say, “these people have way too much time on their hands.”

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  3. This is now Markell’s legacy with the help of lack of oversight of the General Assembly – a bloated DDOE with plenty of staff with time on their hands to mock up a situation in Delaware schools that created a platform for our stinking governor to take to Washington DC as talking points. USING OUR CITY CHIILDREN as talking points.

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