Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 20


In Part 20, Penny lawyers up!  Oh, that’s right, they don’t even have the Memorandum of Understanding yet.  The announcement is four weeks away, and they haven’t even started on the most important part yet.  Even though they have known for at least five months.  To all reading this, remember, this was part of a FOIA.  A FOIA is public information once it is released.



Unfortunately, I can’t help what the DOE redacted in these emails, which looks like NOTHING!!!!  Probably because Alan Jackson doesn’t make an appearance…  This one is very important though.  It shows Penny negotiating with EducationCounsel LLC and L.B. Stanton Consulting LLC to get an MOU going.

At this point, after 20 parts, notice the absolute and glaring fact: the DOE knows which schools are going to become the new Priority Schools, and they have yet to mention them even once in the twenty articles I’ve published on this, and even more emails.  Not once.  What does not naming these schools in emails do for them?  Does it protect them somehow in a legal way?

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