Charter School of Wilmington Ignoring Or Saying No To Opt Out Requests

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

Now the Charter School of Wilmington is taking a stand against parents and their rights by not allowing opt-out.  I’ve advised both parents I heard this from to ignore them and do what they feel is best for their child.  One parent sent a letter and never received a response while another was told no.  Yes Governor Markell, by all means, please create a hostile environment in Delaware schools.  Please make it so children feel forced to take a test neither themselves or their parents want to take.  It’s all about the students…yeah right…

When you leave office in 2016 (or sooner- please make that happen), can you please take all your corporate education reform friends with you?  All those lobbyists, non-profits and charter leaders who think high-stakes tests are good for children and the proficiency march to Bhutan must continue?  All those who think parents are just a bug to be stepped on?  Please, make it so!

One thought on “Charter School of Wilmington Ignoring Or Saying No To Opt Out Requests

  1. We can make a big stink, but that is their option for being a charter… charters do not have to follow rules… that was the whole point of being a charter… Usually those are financial rules… like buying Mercedes with money intended for kids,.. well, that is not illegal; they are a charter and charters are allowed to do anything they want… That is why they are charters… (and that is why only the top 1% supports them…..


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