Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 7


In Part 7 we see yet another Sunday email going out from someone at the DOE, and this one is going from Penny Schwinn to the two people under her in the Accountability and Performance unit at the DOE.



We definitely see Schwinn taking on a very active role at the DOE in this email with those underneath her.  There have been many changes going on at the DOE with moves between their two buildings and it seems like some people won’t be happy about some of them.  Brian Touchette is given the task of clearing out the remaining Focus/Priority Schools before the new initiative kicks into high gear. The embargoed data Schwinn speaks of is the scores for the 2014 DCAS Assessments.  Someone has seen this already if Schwinn knows schools will be coming out of Focus or Priority status.  For point of reference, before they were called Priority Schools, they were called Partnership Zone schools.  There are still some partnership zone schools, but we all learned in the past seven months what Priority schools are…

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