Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 3


In Part 3 we have a VERY interesting email between then Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn and Susan Haberstroh from the Delaware DOE, with lots of the big names included.  Once again, none of the eventual priority schools are named, but this email gives strong hints about what is going on…



Now this is where it starts to get interesting.  We have Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn, if I’m reading this correctly, acknowledging that the priority schools will be the same no matter what formula they use.  This is in March of 2o14, nearly six months before the official announcement.  He is advising the DOE to change their formula while also acknowledging no high school without an enrollment preference could ever become a recognition school under the current formula.  But telling the DOE to keep it another year.  I am reading this as Delaware DOE was able to create the formula and US DOE would have to approve it.  Out of the two formulas, both would give the same results…  six schools within a square mile of the heart of Wilmington…


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