Delaware Priority Schools: The Truth Revealed Part 17


In Part 17 we see the beginnings of a very controversial Penny Schwinn had in front of the State Board of Education and members of the public.  This was last August, when she told a board member, in response to a question about the extreme amount of violence in Wilmington affecting the classroom, “That’s not necessarily a challenge to overcome.”  It was challenge she said, not hurdle, as I have reported before.  But it’s still the same lack of understanding of schools all over America, especially low-income urban schools.



Having attended that State Board of Education meeting, it was certainly an eye opener and shocking moment for myself, Mike Matthews (who was sitting next to me), and the African-American members of the State Board.  While they didn’t directly chastise Schwinn for saying it, their initial reactions said everything.

We also see that more people are being told about this initiative, but it doesn’t mention who.  Are these the schools? The districts?  Other employees at the DOE?  Other Delaware Departments, councils, committees, and agencies?  Or is information going out to organizations like the Delaware Business Roundtable, and Rodel, and Delaware Charter School Network?  This questions about who knew what and when did they know is a mystery…

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