Doc Holodick’s Letter About Smarter Balanced Sent To Parents

Brandywine Superintendent Mark Holodick sent a letter to parents dated February 10th.  Some parents just got the letter this week with a Texas postmark.  Way to educate parents about a huge test over two months later Dr. Holodick!


Hey, I want to know which Delaware educators helped create this train wreck!  Can we get a list of names?


How many will reach the bar?  Not many.  Only 30% from what the DOE says.


This ELA sample could be very subjective, but the human grader may not be objective.  This is a disaster waiting to happen!  Wait, it already is happening…  Delaware Parents: Please support House Bill 50 and opt your child out if you feel this is not the test for your child.

3 thoughts on “Doc Holodick’s Letter About Smarter Balanced Sent To Parents

  1. Absolutely. They’ve showed up in almost every district across the country controlled by “reformers”… They are for sale, and all a district has to do, is purchase the plan, and out go the letters… Christina, Colonial, Red Clay, and Capital Districts’ parents will not be receiving them, because their heads are not trying to become Mark Murphy’s replacement… Hollowdick is…. I’ll see if I can publish the price… but finding it may now be too difficult; it was back near December when I saw the advertisement.


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