Family Foundations Academy & Their Conditions For Probation & News That Will Make JA Flip Out!


At the Delaware State Board of Education meeting last month, Family Foundations Academy was placed on probation by the State Board.  While this seems like an easy feat to accomplish, I can’t help but remember that the Board President, Charles McDowell and the Head of School, Dr. Lamont Browne, both wrote a letter of complaint about the possibility of the school being put on probation.  They felt their new relationship with the school was built on a solid, forgive the pun, foundation.  However, they did not like the idea of having to use an independent auditor.  I have to wonder why that would be given the financial abuse that happened under the previous heads of the school.

Read all about FFA’s conditions for their probation, but stick around after, because there is a little bonus tidbit afterwards!

Apparently, one of the former heads at FFA has reached out to a neighboring school district and is looking to volunteer their time.  But this school district requires a background check for volunteers.  This individual passed the background check, despite all the financial wrongdoings at FFA.  That settlement agreement must have really wiped the slate clean for NOTHING to show up on a background check.  Congrats Tennell!

Subject: Criminal Background Report 

Good Afternoon – 

The following Criminal Background Reports have come back and the individuals are cleared to volunteer by the State of DE, the FBI, and Kelli Racca:

 ·         Alfaro-Quiros, Jennifer

·         Brewington, Tennell

·         Wescott, Rashad  Rm. 317

While the name of the school isn’t listed, I’m sure they will be “Keene” to have her!

4 thoughts on “Family Foundations Academy & Their Conditions For Probation & News That Will Make JA Flip Out!

  1. That is RICH!!! I sure hope she isn’t volunteering to count kids lunch money. Hell, she may wind up with another spa treatment.

    On the subject of criminal background checks…Shouldn’t she be in jail for stealing public money?

    Weren’t there just some teachers in Georgia who were arrested for giving kids answers to a state test? If they are getting locked up and charged with racketeering, shouldn’t Brewnington and Moore be locked up for grand theft? Is AG Matt Denn reading this?


  2. Smh. Not to defend tennell, but if the case isn’t filed or adjudicated to her detriment, are we legally able to deny her right to work and/volunteer? Because the accusations are school related I would be very hesitant to bring her into my fold – not that I have one. But…

    And then, I would hope that my district/charter would be aware enough to reocgnize a political maelstrom and decline the offer of a highly politicized and drama-ensnared volunteer. Especially while under scrutiny during referendum season.

    Goodness, I miss Bea. Even with her Keene-do attitude, I think she would have cabashed this one before it ever saw the light of day.



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