The Charter Lords & Boards of Delaware 2015 Edition

The following are all the Delaware charter schools in Delaware that are currently open, or will open up for the 2015-2016 academic year.  The website links are to the boards current board minutes.  Some of the schools that are not open yet do not have a link to minutes.  Many of the charters are not up to date with their board minutes either…make of that what you will…

Academia Antonia Alonso:, Head of School: (Interim) Teresa Gerchman

Academy of Dover:, Head of School: (Acting) John Leone

Campus Community:, Head of School: Catherine Balsley, Principal: Leroy Travers

Charter School of Wilmington: Head of School: Sam Paoli, CFO: Jed Desmond

Delaware Academy of Public Safety & Security:, Head of School: Charles Hughes

Delaware College Prep:, (Interim) Head of School: Angela Dennis

*Delaware Design Lab High School:, Head of School: Cristina Alvarez

Delaware MET:,

Delaware Military Academy:, Commandant (Head of School): Anthony Pullella

Early College High School at DSU:, Head of School: Judi Coffield

East Side Charter School:, Head of School: Lamont Browne

Family Foundations Academy:, Head of School: Lamont Browne

First State Military Academy:, Commandant (Head of School): Patrick Gallucci

First State Montessori:, Head of School: Courtney Fox

Freire Charter School:, Head of School: William Porter

Gateway Lab School:, Head of School: Catherine Dolan

Great Oaks Charter School Wilmington: (no minutes page), Head of School: Kia Childs

Kuumba Academy:, Head of School: Sally Maldonado

Las Americas Aspiras: 2015&type=d&pREC_ID=584117&uREC_ID=255728, Head of School: Margaret Lopez Waite

Maurice Moyer:, Head of School: Keenan Dorsey

MOT Charter:, Head of School: Linda Jennings

Newark Charter:, Head of School: Greg Meece

Odyssey Charter:, Head of School: Nick Manolakos

Positive Outcomes:, Head of School: Ed Emmett

Prestige Academy:, Head of School: Jack Perry

Providence Creek Academy:, Head of School: Stephen Esmond, Principal: Audren Erschen

Reach Academy For Girls:, Head of School: Tara Allen

Sussex Academy:, Head of School: Patricia Oliphant

Thomas Edison Charter:, Head of School: Salome Thomas-EL

Board Members at Charters in Delaware:

Abbott, Derek: CSW

Alexitch, Victoria: DE Military Academy, Treasurer

Alonso, Maria: Academia Antonia, VP

Anderson, Rachel: Gateway, VP

Anderson-Strange, Adriane: Delaware Met, Secretary

Antongiorgio, Norma Ivonne: Academia Antonia

Austin, John: ECHS

Backer, Matthew: East Side

Backus, Doug: POCS

Bailey, Jacqueline: Moyer

Balick, Dana: Prestige

Ballas, Jennifer: Odyssey

Barndt, Wayne: CSW

Barrall, Kristin: POCS

Battle, Leon: Academy of Dover

Becnel, Irwin: CSW

Benjamin, Christopher: Sussex Academy

Berry, Elvira: Reach

Bidgood, Heather: DE Military Academy

Blackson, Keisha: Gateway

Blockson, Halvin: Thomas Edison

Bonds, James: East Side

Boswell, Anthony: Great Oaks

Boyd, Sean: First State Montessori, Treasurer

Boynton, Kimeu: Academy of Dover, President

Bradley, Bashir: DE College Prep

Brewington-Carr, Sherese: DAPSS

Bross, Jeffrey: Delaware Met, Interim Treasurer

Brown, Emile: Thomas Edison, Secretary

Brown, Ken: Kuumba

Bryson, Kimberly: DE Military Academy

Budischak, Anne: Gateway, Secretary

Bugher, Bradford: DE Military Academy

Bullock, Debbie: East Side

Calagione, Maria: Sussex Academy, President

Call, David: DE Military Academy

Capodanno, Edward: DE Military Academy

Carroll, Erin: First State Montessori

Carter, Beth: First State Montessori

Carter, Robin: DE College Prep

Casper, Jason: FFA

Casson, Rev. Lloyd: Reach, President

Castellanos, Natalie Gonzales: Academia Antonia, Treasurer

Castelli, Gina: First State Montessori

Chadband, Monique: Moyer

Chambers, George: Odyssey, President

Chappel, Kathleen: La Aspiras Academy

Childs, Kia: Great Oaks

Chids, Nash: Delaware Met, Chair

Christie, Mikkel: Thomas Edison, Treasurer

Clampitt, Henry: CSW

Clark, Stephen: Gateway

Clarke-Fields, Hunter: First State Montessori

Coker, Bebe: Moyer, Vice Chair

Coker, Joan: Kuumba, President

Colby, Nanci: NCS

Cooper, Guy: Providence Creek, Secretary

Copeland: DAPPS, President

Cosgrove, Martin: Sussex Academy

Cowan, Patrick: CSW

Coyle, Dennis: CSW

Coyne, Jim: La Aspiras Academy

Craig, Christian: Providence Creek, VP

Cuesta, Manuel: First State Military Academy, Secretary

Cuffy, Douglas: Kuumba

Curry, C.T.: Moyer, Chair

Czarkowski, Michael: POCS, VP

Dalle Pazze, James: East Side

Dandolos, Dimitri: Odyssey

Davis, Beverly: Academy of Dover

Dayton, Robert: ECHS

DeLission, Karen: First State Military Academy, Treasurer

Dennis, Angela: DE College Prep, Executive Director

Deputy, Morris: MOT

Diaz, Jorge: La Aspiras Academy, Treasurer

DiEleuterio, John: DE Military Academy, Vice-Chair

DiMaio, Mark: CSW, Vice-Chair

Dinger, Dennis: First State Military Academy

Dobson, Waynna: Moyer

Donnelly, Kevin: First State Military Academy, Chair: Finance

Draper, Pam: Gateway, Treasurer

Dressel, Stephen: NCS, Chair

Duke, Maura: NCS

Durham, Jennifer: First State Military Academy

Elder, Robert: Campus Community, Treasurer

Engel, Joan: ECHS

Fahey, Brian: Academia Antonia, Secretary

Fajardo, Alex: La Aspiras Academy

Fischer, Abigail: Delaware Met

Fisher, Bernard: Kuumba

Fletcher, Dr. Charles: Academy of Dover

Ford, Brian: Campus Community

Fortuna, Katisha: Kuumba

Fox-Lykens, Rebecca: ECHS, Secretary

Fulton, Don: DE Military Academy, President

Garcilazo, Luz Elena: Academia Antonia

Ginsberg, Stacey: NCS

Girten, Rebecca: Delaware Design Lab H.S.

Glancy, Brian: MOT, Chair

Goggins, Sherell: Thomas Edison

Gordy, Zane: Gateway

Grace, Shona: DE Military Academy

Grant, Christina: Great Oaks

Gregory, Judith: Reach

Grivas, Christopher: Odyssey, Secretary

Gross, Gregory: NCS

Hardee, Teresa: ECHS, Treasurer

Hare, Michael: East Side

Harrell, Paul: East Side

Haskins, Tarik: Prestige

Henderson, Joyce: Gateway, President

Hernandez, Rogelio: Academia Antonia

Hershman, Douglas: DE Military Academy

Hill, Anthony: Prestige

Hinds, Thelma: Reach

Hobbs, Lois: ECHS

Holder, Susan Thomas: Kuumba

Holland, Ilona: Sussex Academy

Holleger, Terese: POCS

Holmes, Vera: Thomas Edison, VP

Horton, Marcia: ECHS

Humphrey, Thomas: East Side, Treasurer, FFA, Treasurer

Hutchinson, Bill: Academia Antonia

Hutton, Sarah: Great Oaks

Hypes, Sandy: DAPSS

Jackson, Tonya: Prestige

Jackson-Harper, Kim: Moyer

Johnson, Meghan: Thomas Edison

Johnson, Michelle: DE College Prep

Jones, Yardise: DE College Prep, President

Jones-Avery, Raye: Kuumba

Keith, Jessie: First State Montessori

Kidner, C. Scott: First State Military Academy, President

Klemas, Kate: Odyssey

Knight, Natasha: First State Military Academy

Koch, Teresa: POCS

Kubik, Christine Fenimore: First State Military Academy

Kurfuerst, Sharon: DE Military Academy, Secretary

Kurz, Christine: DE Military Academy

Labanda, Nancy: La Aspiras Academy

Lamborn, Corey: First State Montessori

Lane,William: Academy of Dover

Langdon, Geoff: Great Oaks

Laws, Rhonda: Kuumba

Laznik, John: La Aspiras Academy, Secretary

Lobo, Austin: NCS, Treasurer

Locks, Cheryl: DE College Prep, Treasurer

Luce, Denise: Reach

Madden, Charles: Prestige

Malseed, Monica: Reach

Marsh, Adam: Sussex Academy

Martin, Robert: ECHS

Matos, Maria: Academia Antonia, President

Maxwell, Michael: Great Oaks

McCormick, Kathaleen: First State Montessori

McDonald, Kevin: Reach

McDowell, Charles: ECHS, East Side (President), Family Foundations (President)

McMasters, Lisa: Campus Community

Mell III, Donald: Prestige, Chair

Merritt, Tracey: Kuumba

Merriweather, Rodney: Prestige

Mervine, Mark: CSW

Messinger, Laura: First State Montessori

Miller, Paul: Delaware Design Lab H.S., VP

Mireya Leon, Iris: Delaware Design Lab H.S., Secretary

Mitchell, Donna: East Side

Mitchell, Marcus: East Side

Moist, Gregg: First State Montessori, Chair

Moody, Christopher: Sussex Academy

Moody, Robert: First State Military Academy

Moore, Aaron: Thomas Edison

Moore, John: Campus Community

Moore, Lisa: Providence Creek, Treasurer

Mosely, Eric: Prestige

Nagle, Sarah: CSW

Nannas, Theodore: Odyssey, Treasurer

Nass, Yvonne: First State Montessori

Newton, Frank: NCS

Norman, Annie: Campus Community

Nutter, Jamie: Sussex Academy

O’Brien, George Dennis: DAPSS

O’Connor, Kris: NCS, Secretary

Outten, Jolene: MOT, Secretary

Palka, John: DAPSS

Papaleo, Harry: Campus Community, President

Parker, Dustin: Sussex Academy

Parfitt, Grace: ECHS

Patrick, Willie: DAPSS

Peters, Thomas: Academia Antonia

Phillipson, Kevin: First State Military Academy

Pierson, John: Freire, President

Pinkett, Ronald: Thomas Edison, President

Pipkin-Perry, Patsy: Thomas Edison

Pope, Lily: Academy of Dover

Pratcher, Ernestine: Reach

Pratcher, Samuel: Moyer

Prendergast, Stephanie: NCS, Vice Chair

Puig, Lourdes: CSW, La Aspiras Academy, Chair

Purcell, Jim: Campus Community

Quintero-Reyes, Sandra: DAPSS, Secretary

Raoveena, Veena: First State Montessori

Real, Hal: Freire

Reed, Dee: Delaware Met

Rhoads, Melissa: Providence Creek

Richardson, Loretta: Kuumba

Riera, Jose Luis: La Aspiras Academy

Righos, George: Odyssey, VP

Riley, John: East Side

Ritterbeck, Robert: Prestige

Rivera, Jaime “Gus”: La Aspiras Academy, Vice Chair

Robinson, Gwendel: Thomas Edison

Rochford, Dennis: DE Military Academy

Roth, Carol: Reach

Sack, Sharon: First State Military Academy

Sadiq Al Khan, Mir: MOT

Samuels, Allen “Duffy”: Moyer

Sanchez, Leida: Academy of Dover, Finance Director

Sandy, Patti: Campus Community

Santos, Amy: Providence Creek, President

Savino, Lou: MOT

Sawyer III, Chip: East Side

Schell, Joseph: Sussex Academy

Schwartz, Nathaniel: Gateway

Schweers, Danny: Reach, VP

Scott, Jennifer: Sussex Academy, VP

Sianni, Tony: DAPSS

Singleton, Shauna: DE College Prep

Smith, Devie: Gateway

Smith III, Henry: Freire

Sreekanth, Param: CSW, Treasurer

Stacy, John: CSW, Chair

Stallone, Steve: MOT, Treasurer

Stevens, Shawn: Academia Antonia

Stewart, Jocelyn: FFA (VP)

Strauss, Mary Lou: Odyssey

Stulir, Gary: Providence Creek

Sullivan, Samuel: MOT

Swingle, Dean: Sussex Academy

Sykes, Roxanne: Delaware Design Lab H.S., Treasurer

Talbert, Richelle: Delaware Met

Taylor, Jen: Mot, Vice Chair

Teeter, Mary: Gateway

Thompson, Alton: ECHS, President

Till, Joseph: Thomas Edison

Tiller, Doyle: POCS

Toliver, Charles: East Side, Secretary, FFA, Secretary

Torres, Gisele: East Side

Townsend, Heather: First State Montessori

Turman, Kevan: Moyer

Urban, Matt: Delaware Design Lab H.S., President

Van Pelt, Rebecca: Delaware Met, VP

Vasko, Veronica: Acaemia Antonia

Vasta, Rita: Prestige

Velasquez, Jerry: Thomas Edison

Von Duyke, Kathy: Delaware Met

Wagner, Nancy: Academy of Dover, VP

Walker, Clint: Freire

Waninger, Brent: DAPSS

Ward III, Rodman: East Side, Vice-Chair

Warren, Rachel: POCS

Waters, Valarie: Thomas Edison

Watlington, Dave: MOT

Watson, Danielle: ECHS

Watson, Jeania: East Side

Way, Tripp: Delaware Met

Weatherspoon, Cherita: DE College Prep

Weis, Lisa: Campus Community

West, Fred: Prestige

Westbrook, Denise: Sussex Academy

Willauer, Christian

Williams, Dion: First State Military Academy

Williams, Jethro: Academy of Dover

Williams-Bailey, Nakisha: FFA

Willis, Bradley: MOT

Wills, Susan: POCS

Wilson, Angela: Reach

Wilson, Deborah: Delaware Met

Winstead, Cherese: Reach

Wisely, Lauren: Sussex Academy

Wright, Stephanie: ECHS

Zaben, Joy: East Side

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

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