Why Parent’s Opting Out Is Their Most Important Decision This Spring


A.  It prevents 95% of students from taking the test, meaning all test results  for those who got stuck taking it, are void and null.

B,  It prevents a GIANT blemish on your child’s permanent record; one that should have never been there.

C. It prevents your schools’ takeover based on faulty data.

D. It prevents your good teacher from losing her job, based on faulty data.

E.  It prevents your child from being bussed away from his closed school to another one across town, based off of faulty data.

F.  The tests are set for grades 2 levels above what is being tested.

G. The tests do not show what your child has or has not learned.

H. The tests psychologically profile children into groups who aren’t and who are prone to be favorably cultivated for later sexual abuse.

I.  Your child’s information is advertised for sale on pedophile Internet chat rooms.

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The Charter Lords & Boards of Delaware 2015 Edition

The following are all the Delaware charter schools in Delaware that are currently open, or will open up for the 2015-2016 academic year.  The website links are to the boards current board minutes.  Some of the schools that are not open yet do not have a link to minutes.  Many of the charters are not up to date with their board minutes either…make of that what you will…

Academia Antonia Alonso: http://www.academiacharter.com/archives.html, Head of School: (Interim) Teresa Gerchman

Academy of Dover: http://www.aodcharter.org/content_pages/view/board_meeting_agenda_s, Head of School: (Acting) John Leone

Campus Community: http://www.campuscommunityschool.com/content/board-meetings-school-year-14-15, Head of School: Catherine Balsley, Principal: Leroy Travers

Charter School of Wilmington: http://charterschool.org/board-agenda-minutes/ Head of School: Sam Paoli, CFO: Jed Desmond Continue reading The Charter Lords & Boards of Delaware 2015 Edition