Here’s The Survey I Would Give Students After The Smarter Balanced Assessment…

Smarter Survey

1) Was the Smarter Balanced Assessment hard for you?

a) Yes, I started to get gray hair and I’m only 9

b) It was okay, but I’m really hungry, can’t I go to lunch now?

c) No, but I just put whatever answer I wanted to

d) No, my parents said if I don’t pass I couldn’t go to Firefly

2) What do you think of Governor Markell?

a) Who is he?

b) He came to my school once, but he only talked to the smart kids

c) My dad said he is evil

d) Don’t you mean Governor Rodel?

3) If you could change one thing about the Smarter test, what would it be

a) Only hipsters call it Smarter

b) The whole thing

c) Babies need to take it so they can be college and career ready

d) I would make it mandatory for all principals, superintendents and legislators

4) What do you think about the Delaware DOE?

a) Is this a trick question?

b) Is that the state deer?

c) A bunch of hipsters run that place!

d) They made me learn nothing for two months cause of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  I come to school to learn, not to be tested.

5) Do you wish your parents opted you out of taking the Smarter test?

a) No, cause my Mom works for the DOE and that would have made waves

b) No, cause then I couldn’t have written about my latest Minecraft game on the global warming essay

c) Yes, all my friends got to watch the Avengers while I was stuck in here!

d) My parents could have opted me out?  This is war!

6) What will you think about yourself if you don’t get a 3 or a 4 on this test?

a) That my teachers actually care about me and didn’t teach to the test

b) I’m a failure just like Earl Jaques said all the opt out kids would be, not fair!

c) I’m still going to Harvard.  This test doesn’t matter.

d) Poverty does matter


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