MOT Charter School’s Insanely Bizarre Parent Letter About Smarter Balanced & Opt Out

MOT Charter School

This letter was sent to parents of MOT Charter School today.  When it gets down to the opt out section of the letter, it basically says don’t opt out, but go to Legislative Hall or the Governor’s office.  As well, the letter says “As a community, we must not fixate too firmly on the dour projections being tossed about by our state leaders regarding student performance on the SBAC”.  This is the most manipulative school letter regarding standardized testing and opt out I’ve seen.  It’s as if MOT truly believes their students will soar on this test.  I can’t wait to see their scores on Smarter Balanced next summer!  In the meantime, if you are a MOT parent, and you want to opt your child out, please do come to Legislative Hall, next Wednesday, April 1st at 5pm for a Parent Press Conference covering this as well as other education issues in our state!  With all respect to Head of School Linda Jennings, the most effect way to change this issue IS TO OPT OUT AND DEMAND ACTION FROM OUR LEADERS.

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