Official Press Release For Parent Press Conference on Delaware Education Sent To Media

Parent Press Conference

As the number of parents joining the Parent Press Conference on April 1st grows by the hour, members of the media were sent the official press release for the event.  This was a massive press release sent to all the major media outlets in the tri-state area.   Parents can look forward to a very well-attended event with a lot of coverage.  If you would like to speak at the press conference, please arrive 15-20 minutes early, or feel free to contact me at the email in the press release.  Parking can be tight in this area, so you may want to arrive early.



4 thoughts on “Official Press Release For Parent Press Conference on Delaware Education Sent To Media

    1. This should be ALL parents concerns in Delaware. Our DOE and Governor Markell have actually made the situation worse for Wilmington by causing further segregation in our schools.


  1. I would think that if anyone has concerns with how this DOE is being run, as in its concern with only protecting the investments made by the top one percent, over the interests of every single Delaware child going to public schools, that they need to be there….. We could use at least 15,000… representing parents of 10% of our students. That really is doable…. Just 69 people from each school; surely those close by can do better to make up for schools at a distance…. Come show your support for public education and your extreme distaste over corporations taking over to (supposedly) educate your child for a large profit….


  2. I’m going. I’m not in Wilmington but the issues regarding education still greatly affect my kids. I want my voice to be represented. Just because the priority schools to date are not in my district it affects us all. And the corporate reform taking place in schools affects anyone in a public school setting. All parents should be concerned.


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