Hi, this is clarity calling. Is Jack Markell there?

Parental Opt-Out of Standardized Testing

I’m hearing superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and students are all getting multiple different stories about opt out from districts, the newspapers, radio, social media, the Governor’s office, Legislative Hall, schools, blogs, email, and all the rest.

Here is what I am hearing the most.  Parent opts out, gets either the DOE recommended letter or an email from the principal, saying nope, can’t opt out here (I picture them saying this like the kid on the bus in Forrest Gump when he tells him “Can’t sit here”).  Parent either folds and kid is going to take the test, or notches it up a bit.  The authority figure (not the parent), folds and tells the parent “Go ahead, opt out.  That’s what the DOE wants us to say.”

Can’t we have a civilized and consistent opt out movement for crying out loud?  Is that too much to ask for?  Can’t the DOE or Governor Markell give some kind of guidance on this?  We know they don’t like it, but it’s happening, and they might as well be more successful at stopping the wind from blowing at this point.  Do your jobs!  Why am I the only one making it clear: Parents don’t need permission to opt out!!!!  Just stop!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Hi, this is clarity calling. Is Jack Markell there?

  1. Just heard from an irate parent who opted their child out, but who’s child had to take the same ELA test 4 times today over and over again. (alleged internet issues, or so they said). Same test: 4 times: same answers…. (child was IEP.)

    This testing needs to be pulled by the General Assembly NOW! In fact, NOW is a bit too late. It is very easy to do, we need a bill put on the table, and then flood social media with news that the bill was laid there… It is very easy… so why is no one doing it?

    The retribution of a lame duck governor is far less than that in 2016 by parents such as the one above, who will only remember this dabacle and nothing else.


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