The Exceptional Delaware Correct The Blogger Challenge

Exceptional Delaware

Okay, so I’ve been known to be wrong on a few things here and there.  But what if I never knew I was wrong?  Or what if someone told me I was but never told me how I was wrong?  Here is your chance, going back to the beginning of this blog.  If I’ve ever gotten something wrong, please email me at to let me know, and I will publish it along with a reblog of the story.  But there are some rules:

You have to tell me how I was wrong.  If it was a theory, tell me what I need to know.  If it is based on some type of investigation I did where I have actual evidence, give me something to contradict that evidence.  If you just email me and say I was wrong, then nothing happens.  Understand, this will be published.  But here’s your chance to get your side straight if I got it wrong.  If it’s an opinion you feel I was wrong about, I’ll still publish it but I still may not agree with you.  If I wrote a personal story about my son, this doesn’t count.

I got this idea from a Delaware DOE employee of all people.  She commented on a Facebook post I was on about a recent FOIA email I posted and how I was wrong.  But she didn’t tell me how I was wrong.  Here’s her chance.  And this is not a trap for an attack.  I can’t stop commenters, but I will not do that.

Here is your chance Rodel, DOE, Charters, and all the rest!

4 thoughts on “The Exceptional Delaware Correct The Blogger Challenge

    1. Wow, really? I guess anything, even false information is acceptable when it comes from someone you support. Kind of hypocritical coming from someone who claims to be so transparent. (Not saying all the information on this blog is false, and I might take the author up on the challenge, I just think that is a ridiculous excuse for potentially wrong information.)


  1. In my immeasurable experience, if you are ever wrong, people will volunteer exactly how… They will be pleased to do so.. But when people don’t readily provide the evidence,and hide behind blanket statements, it means you were exactly right… You hit the nail right on its head.


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