Newcastle County School Boards Meeting Gets Very Heated Over WEAC Recommendations

Wilmington Education Advisory Committee

This morning, the New Castle County school districts had a meeting, and some districts were not too happy about not being included on the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee (WEAC).  They are also very upset they were not consulted prior to the recommendations put forth by WEAC.

From Delaware State Representative Paul Baumbach’s Facebook post:

At this meeting, of the New Castle County school districts, in addition to an overview by House Education Chair Earl Jaques and Senate Education Chair David Sokola, there was a heated series of statements and questions regarding the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee’s work. Frankly, some of the questions (why wasn’t my school board included in the Governor’s task force) simply point to the structural challenges facing public schools in Wilmington–the city is divided amongst FOUR traditional school district, one VoTech district, and slews of individual public charter schools. The frustration vented at this meeting merely confirms the need to act on the Committee’s recommendations.

And from State Rep. Kim Williams Facebook page:

Several legislators attended this morning’s New Castle County Combined Boards of Education meeting. Local school board members, administrators and lawmakers discussed topics such as priority schools, standardized testing and the work of the Wilmington Education Advisory Group.

And from State Rep. Edward Osienski’s Facebook page:

There was a lot of strong discussion this morning at the New Castle County Combined Boards of Education meeting. School board members, administrators and legislators talked about issues affecting education like priority schools, redistricting and standardized testing. These types of conversations are going to be ongoing all session with many different groups.

I would have to guess the upset districts were Christina and Colonial.  If Christina board member George Evans was there, which my sources are saying he was, than it is a guarantee words were said!

Other legislators in attendance were State Rep. Stephanie Bolden, Senator David Sokola, and everyone’s favorite State Rep., good old Earl Jaques. (shameless plug: please sign the iPetition to request he be removed from the House Education Committee, here: )

One thought on “Newcastle County School Boards Meeting Gets Very Heated Over WEAC Recommendations

  1. I was about to sign the petition and then saw a very wise comment over at Kilroy’s which illuminated that ever since Jacques has been put in,… his comments have done much to incite parent anger against the Smarter Balanced, charter schools, and corporate involvement in education probably far more than ever John Kowalko could have.

    I have to assess, that is totally true. With John Kowalko, when he spoke as he is well prone, many people brushed past and ignored it. As we all would whenever someone says” watch out, these people are bad, these people are evil, these people are disreputable”. we have to look at both sides and say, well, you are probably exaggerating a little to get attention to your cause.

    But, when one of “THEM” gets in AND WE SEE THAT EVERYTHING JOHN WAS SAYING WAS TRUE…. our ears go up and we feel compelled now to do something…..

    The fumbling Jacques could not have done more good at fueling parent hatrid and anger against the Smarter Balanced, even if he had tried to argue FOR OPTING OUT… Bottom line, everything Kowalko said was true;… Jacques proves it for all.


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