DOE Plans For Great Teachers & Leaders Beyond Race To The Top

Delaware DOE

The below presentation, culminated from the infamous DOE FOIA obtained in early February, shows their plans from 2013 for post Race To The Top.  Read, and wonder….

3 thoughts on “DOE Plans For Great Teachers & Leaders Beyond Race To The Top

  1. As I skim over the many documents of the FOIA dump you received, I realize that most are historic documents which developed most of the problems we currently have… Since right now, we need to occupy our focus on the now, I would think it would be a great idea if you could create a page that would always show on top of your blog,…” the FOIA file”, so archivists like myself could easily come back, find, and disseminate the material within… WordPress’ format makes it hard to go back through each day by day, especially for prolific posters. 🙂


  2. Supporting comment, Kavips, the focus is on NOW and what we might do to optimize the day’s events and learnings and influence tomorrow.
    For example:
    – Were there ANY Delaware education leaders attending the
    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching last week?
    – If so, will they be sharing their observations in a manner that designs/build/sustains organizational knowledge?
    – Why haven’t these documents contain references to quality education reference sites, such as: the American Society for Quality, the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program (last cited in the 2002 DOE Annual Report), the Carnegie and others, including the Lt. Gov.’s Model of Excellence Award Program?

    Isn’t it interesting that once the Race to The Top Award was secured, the
    DOE organizational knowledge clock was re-set, so to speak?

    Also, with several Superintendents and Higher Ed presidents departing, retiring, or planning to re-located, what planning options are being considered in order to sustain the work of school improvement and transformation. UD, WilmU, Wesley, DTCC and other schools of Education and related programs seem unaware of the developments in Quality Education from 2000 to present and the growing body of knowledge available.

    As an observer, I’m wondering if the departing superintendents – Joseph, Curry, Ewald – might reinforce the adage that: Talent, like money goes where it’s best treated. Mike Matthews is correct as this is a “system thinking” issue and requires a “systems thinking” solution, state-wide
    and NOW.


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