Delaware House Education Committee: Wilmington Education Advisory Committee Presentation, Read Before You Go To Imagine Delaware

Wilmington Education Advisory Committee

From the 1/28/15 House Education Committee meeting.  Tony Allen, the chair of the Wilmington Education Advisory Committee, gave a presentation to the Senate and the House on the recommendations from WEAC.  This has some really good information, and consider it a primer before the big event tomorrow night at the Chase Waterfront Center.  That’s right, tomorrow is the huge Imagine Delaware forum.  You should really go, it will affect education in all of Delaware!

DE DOE Manifesto: All Students Will Be College & Career Ready (Those Who Get a 3 or 4 On Smarter Balanced)

Delaware DOE

This is from just a few months back.  The latest DOE Master Plan, according to this Power Point from their leadership meeting.  No excuses kid.  You must get a 3 or 4 on Smarter Balanced if you want to succeed in life.  Just opt your kid out now!

Now if you happen to be a DOE representative, a member of the law enforcement community, a legislator or even Governor Markell himself, you are probably wondering how I came to be in a position to be able to publish all these “top-secret” presentations and notes.  Don’t worry, I didn’t hack into the DOE computer system.  Nor did I break in to the building and turn on computers and start digging away.  These ALL came from a FOIA recently.  So don’t worry, this is all public now because of that.  Breathe easy, you haven’t been compromised, you gave this information!

The Race To The Top Master Sheet From The Delaware DOE

Delaware DOE, Uncategorized

The below spreadsheet shows all the Race To The Top plans for the Delaware DOE, including all the benchmarks they have reached along the way.  There are many tabs here, so make sure you look at them all.  If anything, you can say the DOE has been VERY meticulous about reaching THEIR goals!

What In The Name Of Mark Murphy and The Agents Of Delaware DOE Is This?

Delaware DOE

Accountability 2.0.  What is this and what is the legislation that will need to be introduced THIS MONTH to allow for it to start in 2016?  This is like walking into the minds of a criminal organization or The Illuminati!