Delaware Rep. Jaques calls Smarter Balanced a “little test”! Answer the phone, reality is calling!

“That one little test would not be a big deal added to what we would barely have.  I think (the opt out bill) is just a quick reaction to an issue that really, we’re not sure there is an issue.” -Delaware State Rep. Earl Jaques

In an article today on WDDE’s website, writer James Dawson spoke with State Rep. and Chair of the House Education Committee Earl Jaques about some talks he had with Governor Markell’s administration concerning parent opt out.  His impression of this movement obviously needs a reality check.  Parents are not opting their kids out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment because of all the other tests.  We are opting out because the test is evil, and has no educational purpose except for the DOE, the US DOE, and Governor Markell to label and punish schools and inflate data to make the schools they like look better.  I don’t see any galvanized movements where parents are screaming “Opt out of SRI and SMI!”  It’s THIS test.

If you want to prune any test Jaques, make it the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Have you read nothing in the past week?  Are you that out of touch with your constituents that you can’t see past this?  Some of those other tests you want to “prune” do actually give the schools actual data they can use in the current school year, unlike the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  When was the last time you were in a school watching kids get drilled for this one test that will hold teachers and their schools accountable?

It sounds to me like you have become a State Rep. that serves the Markell and Rodel administration more than the people who voted for you.  Can’t we “prune” you from the House Education Committee?  I may not live in your district, but you are a STATE representative.  You are playing dirty politics on behalf of children, and I can guarantee you will get a lot of heat on this.  In fact, if those who are against the Smarter Balanced Assessment are reading this, please email Rep. Jaques at to tell him about your problems with this “little test”.

I now understand why Donna Johnson, the executive director of  the State Board of Education, was hinting at taking a look at those “other” tests tonight at the Kent County Parent Opt Out Town Hall.

To read the full article, and State Rep. John Kowalko’s excellent response, please go here:

7 thoughts on “Delaware Rep. Jaques calls Smarter Balanced a “little test”! Answer the phone, reality is calling!

  1. I would hope that Rep. Jaques has made his decision after taking the opportunity legislators were given to take a sample test. I am sure he did his due diligence in vetting his constituents concerns. This is the only way I can see a responsible representative who chairs a committee spotlighted in reform. Otherwise , his representation may be subpar. Many districts do not notify parents about SRI or SMI. In fact, many parents do not know those tests were given. There is no requirement of parent notification for testing. Many parents are simply unaware. As pointed out at the meeting last night, DOE does not mandate interim testing. Those choices are district only and DOE “does not control/responsible for district decisions.” Essentially , education needs to reform to challenge students and DOE is implementing what they believe as best policy. DOE acknowledges the districts may make choices in planning that do affect kids but they have no control over the local districts. …..In following this logic, if DOE values a parent/student right to choice or charter..then a parent/student should have the right to choice in high stakes accountability.


    • Bet you he can’t pass the 3rd grade Math… Call him on it? Get everyone to call him on it… Make a petition that no one shall take his opinions seriously, until he has proven he can pass the 3rd Grade SBA… Here is $5 dollars that says he can’t….


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