Christina Referendum Does Not Pass


This was just reported by News Journal reporter Matthew Albright…

Christina School District Referendum Results


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And this is what has been announced…

Red Clay Consolidated School District Referendum Passes

Red Clay Consolidated School District

According to Mike Matthews on Facebook, the Red Clay Referendum passed, 6,355 Yes votes and 5,484 No votes.  Mike actually updated the vote tallies from each school as they were announced.  To many observers, it appeared elementary schools were getting many yes victories, and high schools were the opposite.


Laurel School District Cuts Superintendent John Ewalds’ Contract Four Months Early

Laurel School District

The Laurel School District Board of Education has voted to remove their Superintendent John Ewalds and pay for the rest of his contract through the end of this fiscal year.

Kelli Steele with Delaware 105.9 FM writes:

“Delaware 105-9 has confirmed that because of the recent resolution passed by the Board, Ewald will be relieved of his duties as superintendent, effective March 2.

Current Delmar High School Principal Shawn Larrimore will replace Ewald as superintendent and the current Delmar High School Assistant Principal Ashley Giska will become the assistant superintendent of the Laurel School District, effective July 1.”

Details about Ewalds’ dismissal were not given in the story.  However, on Frank Calio’s blog, Frank Calio wrote Larrimore signed a contract for the supervisor position as early as January 26th.  The Laurel Board did not advertise for the position, and according to Calio:

“Their attorney was asked to find the answer; the answer their is no code, law or anything else that requires an advertised search, it is the boards decision.”

To read the link from Steele’s article, please go here:

To read the link from Frank Calio’s Blog, please go here: and here:

Today’s referendum: A case study in Optimism v. Nilhilism


I would hate to have additional money come out, but it’s for the children. They are the foundation of the future, and if we take away from them, how can society function? There is far too much punish in today’s culture. We need to start healing.

The Opt Out Saga Lurches Forward


Go Jackie! I am hearing of many opt outs occurring throughout Delaware. Most of the bigger school districts, and even some of the smaller ones. This movement is alive and will only get bigger in the next couple weeks. The Smarter Balanced Assessment starts two weeks from today. There have been many different things written on blogs and social media about the best way to not have your child take the test, but the important thing is your child doesn’t take this test!

Minding My Matters

About two weeks ago I shared a blog post with the contents of my letter stating that my daughter will not be taking the Smarter Balanced Assessment this spring at her school, Linden Hill Elementary School in the Red Clay Consolidated School District. On February 23, 2015, I received a phone call from the principal, at which time he notified me he was in receipt of my “opt out letter” and explaining the potential consequences for the school and district, as per the directive sent out by the Delaware Department of Education. Obviously I’m well aware of what that letter says, and I’m well aware of the district’s obligation to notify me, so I listened, thanked him for his time, and told him I still intend for Cait to not take the test. He gave me the name and number of a person in the district office and said I…

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Freire Wants To Get Rid Of Specific Interest As Well Due To Non-Compliance With Federal Regulations

Charter School Enrollment Preference

Early College High School isn’t the only Delaware charter school that has submitted a major modification request with the Delaware Department of Education to remove specific interest as an enrollment preference.  Freire, scheduled to open in the 2015-2016 academic year, is also requesting this.

Once again, the Charter School Accountability Committee asked a charter school for a copy of the Federal Guidance (posted yesterday in the article before this one).  Is the Delaware DOE not aware of this?  How could they not be?  The National Association of Charter School Authorizers had a presentation with the Delaware State Board of Education earlier this month and they were scheduled to present to the Enrollment Task Force but that meeting was canceled due to inclement weather.

At the Delaware State Board of Education meeting on 2/19/14, during the Charter School Review presentation by the Director of Charter Schools, Jennifer Nagourney, the subject of the modification requests for both schools came up.  She did acknowledge both schools want compliance with Federal Guidance based on applying for Federal start-up grants, but nothing was discussed about this enrollment preference practice in Delaware or the wisdom behind continuing this in light of Federal guidance which suggests otherwise.

To listen to this part of the State Board of Education meeting, please go here: