Community Education Building Deferred $250,000 In Rent For Academia Antonia Alonso

Academia Alonso Academy

According to Academia Antonia Alonso’s board minutes for their December 2014 meeting, the Community Education Building sent the school a letter agreeing to defer another $50,000 in rent, bringing a total of $250,000.00 to date.  As well, it appears enrollment is down and they have applied for a major modification based on these lower numbers.  This was at an emergency board meeting on 12/26/14.  In addition, I reported in early January that Head of School Peter Barry “resigned”.  The DOE Charter School website currently shows Teresa Gerchman as the Interim Head of School, who also serves as the CMO for Early College High School at Delaware State University (at least as of their November board meeting).

I really wish my mortgage company would keep deferring my mortgage!  Hell, if they deferred a percentage of that, I’d have my house paid off!  Is it the CEB deferring the rent, or the Longwood Foundation?  Read about it below!

2 thoughts on “Community Education Building Deferred $250,000 In Rent For Academia Antonia Alonso


    Chief Schools Officer – Teresa Gerchman

    Heading up the Innovative Schools Charter Management Organization services is Theresa Gerchman as Chief Schools Officer. Ms. Gerchman has extensive expertise in school administration, leadership, curriculum development, staff supervision and professional development for teachers and leaders.

    For the past five years, Ms. Gerchman has served as Vice President of Educational Services for various public school sites in the North East United States. She has worked directly with schools to support them in the areas of leadership, pedagogy and curriculum, student and family support, assessment for learning, and the learning environment. Prior to moving to Delaware, she spent three years in Hawaii, working to restructure K through 12 schools in an educational partnership known as the Alliance with the Hawaii Department of Education. Through this work, she helped increase the capacity of teaching staff to improve student achievement in chronically underperforming schools.

    Prior to joining the EdisonLearning Educational Division, Ms. Gerchman served as an administrator in two EdisonLearning K-8 charter schools in upstate New York, where she was responsible for the supervision of teachers, student discipline and managed the special education departments. She also has seventeen years of teaching experience at the middle and high school level. During her career, she has also worked across schools districts in New York State Education Department as a staff, test and district wide curriculum developer.


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