Big Question Raised Regarding East Side Charter & Family Foundations Academy “Arrangement”

East Side Charter/Family Foundations Academy

If East Side Charter School had no board meeting in December, and their January board meeting didn’t occur until January 28th, how in the world did their board approve the loaning out of four board members, their head of school, funds, and teachers to Family Foundations Academy?  Why has nobody else even brought up this question?  By the time the State Board of Education and Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy decided on the fate of FFA, the East Side board took over the FFA board and had their arrangement in place, with Dr. Lamont Browne serving as Executive Director of both schools.  But if the Board never voted on it, who made the decision?

Charles McDowell is the Board President of East Side Charter.  He is now the Board President of Family Foundations Academy.  He is also on the board of Early College High School in Dover.  That’s three charter boards he sits on.  Is he the one calling the shots?  If you read the last Early College High School board minutes (November 2014), it seems like he is in charge even though he isn’t the board president.

While the East Side/FFA arrangement is unprecedented in Delaware, I would think the East Side Board would have to approve a reallocation of funds of that magnitude and what amounts to a loan.  But that is nowhere to be found.  And how did the East Side board members take over?  Was there a quorum of the old FFA members?  Did they vote to add the new members and then resign?  Don’t new board members have to wait a month to vote on new items?  Hmm, more than meets the eye here.  And lest we forget, Kendall Massett at the Delaware Charter Schools Network set up this deal…

5 thoughts on “Big Question Raised Regarding East Side Charter & Family Foundations Academy “Arrangement”

  1. Mr. McDowell is a nice fella, but make no mistake about it, he is the HNIC! Head _ _ _ _ _ In Charge!

    It seems like the was some sort of private, behind the scenes meeting between former Chairman of the Board Byron Brooks, and Charlie McDowell. I heard that Kendal Massett was a major player in this arrangement as well.

    Like I said, McDowell is clearly calling the shots at Eastside and FFA. He is a real crafty. Let’s face it, he’s a lawyer. Lawyers are sneaky folk. They know ALL of the loopholes and they know how to play the game.

    With him and his fellow Eastside peeps controlling the board, every issue will definitely go his way. The parent member, the teacher member and the community member won’t have a leg to stand on. Not only that, but once they replace the current community member, you’d better believe they will select someone that THEY hand pick.

    Of course, all of this is just a rant. FFA is still much better off today than they were two months ago. And Kevin, don’t bother emailing Kendall Massett either, that chick don’t answer emails either!


  2. Them. This keyboard! So I wonder how someone didn’t notice that DCCS never got its funding and is at risk for being shut down for that reason! Seems suspicious to me. I need your investigative skills


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