Say What? Sean Moore and Dr. Brewington Want Their Jobs Back at Family Foundations Academy

Family Foundations Academy

In the initial formal review report for Family Foundations Academy, there was a brief notation on the former heads of school, Sean Moore and Dr. Tennell Brewington.  Despite allegations of fraud and embezzlement, as well as a report sent to the Attorney General’s office, they have appealed to get their jobs back.  Yes, you heard that right.  I’m sure it will happen, as sure as I am that Republicans will win every seat in the House and Senate in Delaware in the next election!

There are many very interesting tidbits to read in this report, but two notable absences not mentioned in the report are Monique Dolcy from FFA and Charter School Accountability Committee member Chuck Taylor.


10 thoughts on “Say What? Sean Moore and Dr. Brewington Want Their Jobs Back at Family Foundations Academy

  1. There is no way on God’s green Earth that either one of those two clowns will be reinstated at FFA. They couldn’t get a job as a janitor of that school. The new board consists of very reputable indiviuals, with the exception of Moore’s frat brotha, (Fletcher) who is leaving, and his old girlfriend, (May) who is also leaving.

    Now, when is the new administration going to get rid of his girlfriend Moniquie Dolcy? I still can’t believe she is employed there. Her certification has expired and she is listed in DEEDS as being not active.

    And Chuckie Taylor….He isn’t employed by FFA, but he certainly fell off of the face of the planet. Where is he hiding these day?

    I heard Dr. Brown just hired a new principal for the lower school. Tennell Brewington is probably crawling out of her PLUS sized clothing right about now. She keeps telling parents that she will be back.

    Great job covering this Kevin.


  2. Wow, Moore just made his way around FFA, didn’t he? Oddly, he started at the top, because when my friend was there, he had just come on board, was married, and having relations with Brewington. I’m guessing that this is when things started to go sour with this school.


    1. Sussusspseudonym,

      He tried getting all flirty with my daughter, and she wasn’t having any part of it. Then his girlfriend, Dolcy gave my daughter an attitude like it was her fault.

      My grandchildren attend that school for its academics. Like my daughter told Dolcy, “stop acting like a jealous girlfriend, get your man in check, and go get your credentials in line!”

      Needless to say, Dolcy hasn’t spoken to my daughter since that incidence. And she knows better than to speak to me about that mess. I am not there to play. I am there to pick up my grandkids and make sure that they are gettinn an education.

      Brewington is a clown. Her presence was more about strutting her big self around the halls in a different outfit everyday. Watching her and Dolcy compete for Moore’s attention was sickening. They got rid of 2 out of the 3 problems in that school.

      Any word on whether or not Brewington and Moore had their appeals heard yet?


  3. In a conversation with a Wilbur Elementary School teacher yesterday, I heard that the kids transferring to there from FFA are far below grade level aptitude. FFA has a very poor reputation for academics which makes these flamboyant and really rather girlishly gossipy posts from grandpa above very suspicious.


    1. Are you and this teacher from Wilbur looking at the same academics that DOE looked at? FFA has a lot of different reputations out there. Mainly because of the actions of a few adults who couldn’t keep their love triangle out of the school.

      It’s time to start focusing on the kids of FFA and stop worrying about Moore, and his harem of women….which include both Brewington and Dolcy, amongst others.


    2. Josiah is the real deal! He cracks me up! But I have heard the same thing from a few teachers about FFA transfers. Lest we forget, there was a few allegations (not public) I received which indicated there was some cheating going on with DCAS. (M&Ms or Skittles) on the right answer.


      1. Kevin, just for the record, I prefer M&M’s. Just sayin…

        All kidding aside, my grandkids are both in honors classes, and they have always done fairly well on dcas tests. I asked them about any cheating and neither of them have ever seen cheating on the test. Of course, in their classes, they shouldn’t have to cheat anyway.

        I hope that is all a thing of the past, and that under new leadership FFA will improve its reputation. I guess time will tell.


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