* Social skills: developing IEP goals


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To follow up on yesterday’s post, the purpose of effective data collection is to provide a starting point for instruction, specifically, developing IEP goals.  IEP 1

Where do I begin?  Like the old adage, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Those behaviors which are most interfering with a child’s ability to function socially provide a starting point.  However, those “squeaky wheel” issues do not always belong entirely to a student.  They may be related to teacher behavior.  For instance, a teacher may not provide adequate warning for schedule changes or transitions from favorite activities.  They may misinterpret a student’s response as challenging their authority.  Teasing/bullying classmates can create extra “squeak” for kids who struggle with social interactions.  The classroom may be overloaded with visual and auditory distractions.  I remember one classroom with a constant musical soundtrack in the background.  (It drove me nuts.)   Parents may be uninvolved or have unreasonable expectations about the…

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