If Tomorrow Never Comes

I really hope Governor Jack Markell reads the blog Homeless1 in Wilmington.  No one, and I mean not one single soul, should complain about anything while these situations occur:

children just like the ones pictured here die every nite without a home. children just like these sleep in cars, abandoned buildings or other places where no child should have to lay their head. if you think these children aren’t aware or that they don’t feel the fear or have the knowledge that they have no home or may not have food tomorrow….you are wrong. no child should experience those feelings or emotions or even have a second thought about tomorrows meals. no child, not one single one, should ever die in a mission, a shelter or on the street. none…not one single one. we as a country should be ashamed and embarrassed that this happens, not infrequently, but every single nite in our own country. 

So while all the big corporate folks talk about how to make education better, and how to make our charter schools better, why don’t we fix this problem first.  Cause none of it will ever matter if you have homeless children going to school.

For more on this post, please go to: http://wilmingtonhomeless.weebly.com/homeless-blog/if-tomorrow-never-comes

And check out the full blog at: http://wilmingtonhomeless.weebly.com/homeless-blog?wref=bif


3 thoughts on “If Tomorrow Never Comes

  1. Clearly they can’t “Earn” their keep. Removing sunsets? Weak sauce. Explain why they should not have to demonstrate efficacy.

    Joke bill. Just look at the sponsors.


  2. Can you see if you can get permission to display that picture of the older child holding the younger one, both with no shoes and then directly under it, put Jack’s quote attributed to him, how poverty has nothing to do with poor test scores, low expectations do? I almost did, but without permission didn’t go through… Then I thought about you…


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