Governor Jack Markell, Are You Going To Bust A Union?

My oh my, what a tangled web we weave.  The Christina Board adjourned their board meeting with NO Christina Educators Association Memorandum of Understanding negotiated in regards to the Priority Schools.  What will Governor Markell do now?  Will he actually bust a teachers union?  And what will the legislators do if he does?  This will certainly be an interesting next few days.

In the meantime, the Delaware Department of Education has not done anything with the approved MOUs the Christina Board gave them two weeks ago.  Either they were holding out for the CEA MOUs, or they really don’t care at this point.  This has dragged out much longer than most people thought.  Maybe the public pressure is getting to the DOE and they are in stall mode.  However this works out, short of the DOE and Markell ditching the priority plans altogether, it will be a public relations nightmare for both of them.

If you read my last post, with the live Twitter feeds from the board meeting, it looks like the board is more unified than they were at their meeting two weeks ago.  What happens next will be anyone’s guess!

1 thought on “Governor Jack Markell, Are You Going To Bust A Union?

  1. There is a selection process. Use Category 1 -4 of the STATE APPROVED DPAS system, and have the teacher agree to stay at the PRIORITY school.
    DOE wants to change to some arbitrary system. So, if that is the case, why not scrap the entire DPAS system?

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