Christina Board Meeting Live Twitter Feed: Priority School Plans & CEA!

Christina School District

Thanks to my friend Jackie for the Twitter feeds.  Where’s Matthews?  In any event:

And there’s the missing man.  I thought he went to all school board meetings in Delaware…slacker…

Uhm, Apl_Jax, please don’t let anyone think the Smarter Balanced Assessment is easy.  We know you’re a genius, but even the SBA is a farce!

Shouldn’t she have done that at the last board meeting when she voted yes for approving the MOUs?

I guess we are on a commercial break cause Mike Matthews interrupted the board meeting tweets with this sponsored message:

And yes, all parents should attend this!

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Another member of the audience has sent me information that the board members who voted yes for the MOUs a couple weeks ago seem to be distancing themselves from that decision…something smells fishy to me…

I just heard the board is voting on the MOUs again tonight…hmm…

Apparently the board is conversing back and forth without much meat to it.  Kobayashi? Is this a Verbal Kint moment?

Hey, where did that guy come from?

Oh, you’re the busy one Jackie?  Who is cut and paste boy over here?

And once again, superheroes become a major part of a blog article in the past couple days!

Gotta love John Young folks! He is the real deal.  Doesn’t put up with any DOE BS!

Of course!  When my sorry you-know-what goes up there, the meetings go on until 10 or 11, and then I have to drive back to Dover.


3 thoughts on “Christina Board Meeting Live Twitter Feed: Priority School Plans & CEA!

  1. You could’ve left out the parts that make me look stupid 😉

    But in seriousness, thanks for putting this all together. I will need more time to digest what happened. Important: So far as I can tell, of the 9 votes listed on the agenda to be taken, only 3 actually were prior to adjournment.


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