Jack Perry to Resign as Executive Director at Prestige Academy

Prestige Academy

Jack Perry, the original founder and executive director of Prestige Academy has, ahem, chosen to resign at the end of this school year according to a letter from the board of directors addressed to parents of students.

This has nothing to do with my story from earlier today since this letter is dated January 28th.  I would have no way to explain how this out of nowhere news would happen the day after I wrote another article about a Delaware charter leader being let go.  Charter leaders never resign, unless they embezzled tons of money from the school.  Wait, that’s not always the case.  But that is not the case here!

To date this year, heads of school have resigned or been terminated at Academy of Dover, Family Foundations Academy, Academia Antonia Alonso, and now Prestige Academy.  I’m not sure what the current status is concerning Odyssey Head of School Nick Manalakos, but I did post an article last December indicating he may be making a switch to a Kent County charter.

I would have to assume Mr. Perry wants to resign, for whatever reason.  I do find it interesting the board said his tenure was “beyond the typical duration for a founding leader”.

In other news, the question of the day will be “Can you read between the lines?”

6 thoughts on “Jack Perry to Resign as Executive Director at Prestige Academy

  1. Perhaps one of the fallen from FFA can take over this school? LOL! Just kiddin. If not Moore or Brewington, maybe Moore’s girlfriend Dolcy can take it over. She certainly won’t be able to move up at FFA now. She won’t be able to sleep her way to the top of the school with the current adminstration.


  2. Jack Perry was a phenomenal leader and worked hard to found and manage Prestige Academy. The statement that his 7 year tenure is beyond the typical tenure for a founding leader is in fact true. Most founding leaders move on from leading their schools after 3-5 years. Leaders who do their jobs well typically burn out after that length of time, particularly those in urban areas. These leaders often take a lot of “abuse” and “flack” from parents, legislators, staff, and other stakeholders. They often have difficulty balancing their work and home life. Does it ever occur to anyone that people resign from these positions to improve their quality of life and prioritize other things that are important to them? Yes, there are school leaders that are dishonest, mismanage money, and have questionable work ethic but there are others who are genuinely committed to closing the achievement gap, providing quality education, and giving those, who otherwise would not have a choice, the choice to attend a school with high expectations and standards, where they are told that they matter and can be the master of their fate. So let’s not assume that a resignation always precludes a termination. One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch.


    1. This is obviously written by Jack Perry. Lmao. The only thing Jack Perry is concerned about is making money. Check out his Linked in page and see his new job. To go from being a social worker to a head of school to a.district job is a sweet scam indeed.


      1. Not written by Jack Perry. I’m surprised you would think that he was in it for the money considering he was a state employee. Teachers, Principals, and school staff are no where near compensated for what they’re worth. It’s a shame that people are so cycnical.


  3. Tamara, I don’t know enough about Mr. Perry’s situation to adequately say what the reason for his resignation was. I heard from multiple sources with different things but nothing was written definitely by the school. With that being said, I think any administrator in any Delaware school has it very rough right now. Everything seems to be tied to one test, which isn’t right. We all need to support State Rep. John Kowalko and Senator Dave Lawson’s House Bill which will give parents the option to opt their child out of the state assessment. We all need to put an end to the drill, test and punish our education has become in Delaware.


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