Markell Makes Sure Rodel Buddy Gets $10 Million In Budget Funds But No Special Education Funding & Cuts To Seniors?

Governor Markell

Governor Jack Markell, you really don’t care what happens in your last two years in office.  But you did make sure your Rodel buddy got confirmed by the Delaware Senate:

148th General Assembly
Nominee Information
Frederick Sears,II
Nomination Title:    Director of the Diamond State Port Corporation
(Board/Commission Name)

Status: Confirmed

First Name: Frederick
Middle Intial:
Last Name: Sears
Designation: II
Date Read In: 01/08/2015 Hearing Date:
Length of Term: 3 years Term Expiration Date:


And then in your 2016 budget speech, you announced you were cutting tax breaks to senior citizens, but you are giving $10 million to the company your Rodel buddy is now leading?  For a  crane and “infrastructure spending”?  And yet the priority schools will only get $5 million in funding over three years? How about using that $10 million for the elderly, or for the special education funding through House Bill 30 which is needed much more than a crane.  Corruption abounds in this state…

4 thoughts on “Markell Makes Sure Rodel Buddy Gets $10 Million In Budget Funds But No Special Education Funding & Cuts To Seniors?

  1. hmmmmmmmmmm, your newbie bib needs tucked in, Kevin. The board over-seeing the port of Wilmington is not a company. It is an entity owned by us, state taxpayers. The funds are a minimal amount for maintenance for this valuable state asset.


    1. Are you saying a crane is more important than other much more needed areas these funds can go to, like the elderly keeping the discounts they rightfully deserve, or the priority schools, or special education funding? I know this is state-owned. Which makes me even more suspicious in terms of the Senate confirmation quickly followed by a large allocation of state funding in the proposed budget. The DOE is also state-owned, and as we all know, their motivations and actions are full of controversy.

      As an aside, I would like to say I have at least graduated to some Toughskins jeans!


  2. The economics of the port are just as important as anything else or more in state business. Thousands of jobs and hundreds of associated businesses depend on a function port. There is no there there. The port is catching up on what it has needed for years and delayed while Markell plotted to sell of the asset to private ownership.


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