House Bill 30 Introduced To Deal With Special Education Funding in Delaware

Last July, I found a startling piece of information while investigating the Delaware Department of Education Exceptional Children Resources Group.  For students listed under basic special education in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade, they receive no additional funding even when they have an IEP.  This is based on the needs-based funding, which was House Bill 1 in the 146th General Assembly and was signed by  Governor Markell in February 2011.  With this bill, these students would receive additional funding that is desperately needed.

This can help the schools hire more special education teachers and get more funding for further resources needed to help the critical needs of these students.  Sponsored by Delaware State Representative Kim Williams and Delaware Senators Poore and McDowell, this bill finally allow students at a critical juncture to get the proper funding they need.  I think it’s a good sign this bill has 32 sponsors!

There is an excellent article on this here:

Primary Sponsor: K. Williams Additional Sponsor(s):    Sen. McDowell & Sen. Poore
CoSponsors: Reps. Barbieri, Baumbach, Bennett, Bolden, Brady, Carson, Heffernan, Jaques, Q. Johnson, J. Johnson, Keeley, Kowalko, Longhurst, Lynn, Matthews, Mitchell, Mulrooney, Osienski, Paradee, Potter, Schwartzkopf, B. Short, M. Smith, Viola; Sens. Bushweller, Ennis, Henry, Sokola, Townsend
Introduced on : 01/28/2015
Synopsis of Orginal Bill:
(without Amendments)
This bill provides State funding to kindergarten through third grade for basic special education. State funding already occurs for intensive and complex special education during these grades. Currently the basic special education funding runs from fourth through twelfth grade. This bill is an effort to promote earlier identification and assistance for basic special education needs which should then mitigate costs over the long term.
Current Status: House Education Committee   On   01/28/15

6 thoughts on “House Bill 30 Introduced To Deal With Special Education Funding in Delaware

  1. The DOE explains this away by saying that this is accounted for in the calculation of teacher units for K-3 (I.e. more teacher units earned for same number of students vs 4th grade and up). Will this teacher unit formula remain the same such that more funding IS actually provided? If this funding is approved but the k-3 formula is adjusted to match the other grade levels, nothing is actually gained.


    • This is an excellent bill! Kim told me it was submitted the second she saw me before the Joint Education Committee meeting. I put the article up within minutes. I’m glad this was brought up so quickly as it is a severe inequity for children who are first diagnosed with disabilities not to have the best possible funding and resources available to them.


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