“Cops in Wilmington with high crime rates don’t have to reapply for their jobs”

These words, said by a teacher on Tuesday night at the Christina Board of Education meeting, made me think.  For a city recently labeled as “Murdertown”, why wouldn’t these police have to reapply for their jobs?  If you are going to make teachers do it at priority schools, why wouldn’t you hold law enforcement accountable?  Maybe because it’s not the right thing to do in either case Governor Markell.  Both are prime examples where the funding just isn’t there, and you can’t put a band-aid on a severed artery.

Another murder happened last night.  A teenager.  Not even a man yet.  I’ve heard stories lately Governor Markell.  From teachers in these schools.  How students can’t even get a good night sleep because they are hiding under a bed due to gunfire happening right outside their home.  How they have lost loved ones due to murder.  How they can’t go home and hug their dad cause he is buried in the ground.  And yet you endorse the work of the Delaware Department of Education.  You praise their ability to make students “work harder” so they can perform in the “new economy”.  If it’s such a “new economy”, than why are you using the old company you used to work for in what will surely be another profit for them?  You are so disconnected from the reality of the state you govern Jack.  According to the Priority diva in the DOE, violence in Wilmington “isn’t necessarily a hurdle to overcome.”  Tell that to the students that will find out today one of their classmates won’t be coming to school on Monday.  Tell that to the teachers who have to teach the almighty Common Core on Monday knowing the words opt out takes on a whole other meaning for one of these students.  Balance that in your blueprint Jack!

Someone had a very good idea.  Bring these children to Governor Markell and Secretary of Education Murphy.  Bring them in droves to the Townsend Building in Dover on February 19th during the State Board of Education meeting.  Let them tell their stories to those who need to hear them the most.  Bring their parents that are willing and able to support them.  Hell, bring all teachers and educators in those schools that day.  Bring them by the busloads.  I am very serious here.  Someone from the media will be there.  Make it a field trip for all to Legislative Hall so they can speak with the legislators that pass the bills which have allowed this to happen with these schools.  I will be there supporting every single one of you.  Let’s make it happen.

4 thoughts on ““Cops in Wilmington with high crime rates don’t have to reapply for their jobs”

  1. Amen Kevin. I am a teacher at one of these priority schools. I had my chance to transfer, but have chosen to stay. I do it for the kids. Everyday! These kids come to school with serious baggage, not to mention that they are already two years behind their suburbuan peers when they enter kindergarten. They are making progress. But it needs to be a fair race. I am all for going to Dover. My coworkers have been saying this as well. And who said the schools are responsible for crime? Really? U are blaming the teachers? How about their parents?


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