Who Shot The Blogger? The Grand Championship! Penny Schwinn vs. Governor Markell!

Murder Mystery

After weeks of suspense, we are down to the final two suspects of who shot me on New Years Eve 2014.  I know, it didn’t happen.  And this is all fake, but this little social experiment sure does show where thousands of voters view education in this state.

Will the priority princess from Cali win the championship?  Or will Governor “Thanks to Rodel” Markell take the prize?  What is more important to voters: the one pressuring the schools with marching orders, or the one who initiated the plan in the first place?  The winner (if you want to call it that) will be announced on Monday!

Rodel and Paul Herdman’s Vision For The Future



After reviewing my FOIA request to Governor Jack Markell, I started to wonder why I have more questions than answers.  Why was there such a disconnect between the Rodel Foundation of Delaware and the Vision Network in recent years?  It’s obvious Herdman runs the show for Rodel and Vision.  I began to question what the Vision Network has been up to. So I looked at the Vision Network website.  Take a good look at the Vision Leadership and Steering Committees.  Take a good long look at the names on here.

The Vision Coalition Leadership Team include members from a broad range of public, private, and civic groups. The members meet regularly to align efforts, evaluate progress, and sustain momentum. Membership on the Coalition’s Leadership Team has evolved over the past nearly ten years since its establishment, with all major stakeholder Delaware education organizations remaining committed to the plan and Coalition, and have sustained representation on its leadership group.