Very Cryptic Board Meeting At Academia Antonia Alonso Last Night

This has to be the funniest article I’ve seen Albright report on for the News Journal.  I talked to him after the State Board of Education meeting, and he said he was going to this “emergency” board meeting they were having.  We already know Peter Barry was given “extended leave” by the board.  Was this ultra-double-secret board meeting giving him more than an extended leave?

Kendall Massett’s been making the media rounds lately.  Someone has to be the spokesperson for the charters, and I guess she is it.  Channel 6 ABC News even jumped on the Family Foundations/Eastside thing.  I love how the State Board of Education Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and officials from the Delaware DOE declined an interview.  I’m sure they didn’t want to be asked the questions about how the state did nothing while FFA leaders used the school as their personal ATM machine!

10 thoughts on “Very Cryptic Board Meeting At Academia Antonia Alonso Last Night

  1. The DCSN has power alright. The FFA / Murphy / DSBoE / Eastside Charter “deal” was reported as having been orchestrated by DCSN.


    • Albright didn’t even write his name in the article, but it was confirmed by the school yesterday in a phone call. Avi wrote all about “the deal” in his Newsworks article, which I updated in my initial article on the State board ruling.


  2. I’ll be honest- this thing that the AAA did last night is not un-heard of and it doesn’t necessarily mean something horrible happened there. And its not a “Charter” thing. When I sat on the CSD board, we basically did the same thing only ours was cloaked in the midst of our regular meeting. We held our usual exec session where we discussed legal issues. Sometimes legal issues allow you sit and wait and other times, the window is short and you need to act. On two or three occasions the board needed to actually vote on the path to take. So when we went into public session we amended our agenda as needed (might even have been posted in advance) and when we reached that agenda item, we voted on that thing that “we discussed during executive.” Well, it was slightly more eloquent than that. Sometimes the board voted together, and sometime, there were dissenting votes and majority of the day ruled.


    • My headline was meant to be sarcastic based on the News Journal article. The whole article was about going to a meeting where nothing was revealed except they went into executive session, came out, voted on the results of that session and called it a day. In other words, why did the News Journal waste two minutes of my life telling me nothing! Yet I was able to get the information confirmed that Peter Barry, the head of school, was on “extended leave” and wrote it. Why can’t Albright do that?


      • Kevin, Your headline was actually pretty honest. A strange thing happened there. But, my point is that sometimes, this is what transparency looks like. Why did the News Journal waste two minutes of your life – well, you didn’t HAVE to read the article, did you? And if you think the NJ has any concerns about your quality of life, prepare to be disappointed 🙂 And why can’t Albright do what you could? Because he’s getting paid by the tweet and not actual content. Can’t waste time confirming details when you’ve only got 165 characters to tell the story!


  3. For the record, the State Board of Education did not refuse to give an interview nor does the article state such. The SBE was not asked to give an interview. The article stated that the Secretary and other officials declined an on camera interview. I’m guessing those were all members of the Department. No one approached any member of the Board or me for an interview. No one else could speak on behalf of the Board to accept or decline an interview. Board members were quoted in other media reports and spoke with other reporters.

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  4. “Wow! If you guys looked for details like this in our charters there would have been no need for us to even have this conversation!”

    Exactly… They are NOT looking for details in our charters… because they are too busy looking at bringing in more charters.. There are only a finite number of minutes in a day…

    I’m thinking it is time the General Assembly puts a moratorium on Charters and it starts with this fiscal year’s budget.. All we have ever had (and it is all because no one is looking at existing charters because all their focus is on bringing in new charters), is charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, after charter problem, etc.

    They must be in love with Kendall Massett… if she worked for me, she’d have been replaced on such a record. It’s worse than Rex Ryan’s.


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