Another Delaware Charter School Head Of School Suspended Indefinitely

Delaware Charter Schools

I’m waiting on confirmation on this, but I am hearing from multiple sources that yet another Head of School at a more recent Delaware charter school has been suspended indefinitely by their board.  While I won’t name the school or the chief yet, I can say this is yet another example of why all charters in Delaware need to be scrutinized and audited immediately.

I can say this is not a charter that has been in the news too much lately, so it is not Family Foundations Academy, Gateway, Reach, Moyer, Providence Creek, Newark Charter School, Charter School of Wilmington or Sussex Tech.

Delaware DOE, your charter schools are falling apart.  What the hell is going on?  Do you even review these schools?  And what the hell is the purpose of the Delaware Charter Schools Network and Kendall Massett?  They prop up charter schools but when they go south, they do nothing.  Delaware legislators, you need to pass some immediate legislation to stop the insane antics of these charter school administrators.  It has gone beyond the point of crazy and is affecting the entire state.

3 thoughts on “Another Delaware Charter School Head Of School Suspended Indefinitely

  1. Charters are all bad. Is there no one out there who can even find one single defense of this program to show it provides any benefit to society? Just one? (Silence.) This debate makes as much sense as that old game show on old tyme TV called “Who GetsTo Heaven First” where the competition was between an ex-con murder versus a pastor……..

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    1. With everything coming out I have to wonder. And why is it always the schools with the most vulnerable of kids, with high populations of low-income, minority and special needs students? Just not right…


  2. Just proves we need public schools.. They need to be protected. They work just fine. Charters have not worked out after one fourth of a century. How long will we throw good money after bad?


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