Christina School District

Just saw this from Christina Board member Harrie Minnehan on Facebook:

Harrie Ellen Minnehan Meeting ran from 9 a.m. until around 3:30. Nothing is being secretive. Correctly done documents are in preparation over this weekend. No impasse occurred, no blindsiding, nobody is coming after the schools with a long leash emblazoned wiht the word “Charter” on it right now. Whereas there was one identical MOU for three schools before now there are three distinct MOUs. That is a lot of work, a lot of time, and it has to be right, I think it will be. And I, of all people, know that waiting is not easy, but if we get what we want in the end it is worth it.


  1. Then this from me:

    What Ms. Minnehan may have failed to take away from my post is that the “team” of board members had a very narrow mandate to discuss points on the MOUs and express CSD concerns. Once that was complete, there was, and is no mandate to control the communication coming to board members. I have been informed that I will get what I get when I get it and at the discretion of our Board president. I presume this means all board members will get what he wants to send when he wants to send it. This is troublesome to me, because interim work product could be analyzed, reviewed and other board members may have valuable contributions to help our ongoing, good faith negotiations. I am frankly astonished that some board members have declared that I, and by proxy other board members, simply do not need to know this interim information, nor should I be stupid enough to ask for it because I need to understand this is how things are done.


  2. There is a rule of blogging etiquette that a link back i is provided to the source of quotes.

    You have Harrie’s link to her facebook page but it is of course not where the comment can be found. Had you linked the comment to its proper source, those seeking context could have clicked over and read John Young’s response.


    Newbie learning curve.


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