Just saw this from Christina Board member Harrie Minnehan on Facebook:

Harrie Ellen Minnehan Meeting ran from 9 a.m. until around 3:30. Nothing is being secretive. Correctly done documents are in preparation over this weekend. No impasse occurred, no blindsiding, nobody is coming after the schools with a long leash emblazoned wiht the word “Charter” on it right now. Whereas there was one identical MOU for three schools before now there are three distinct MOUs. That is a lot of work, a lot of time, and it has to be right, I think it will be. And I, of all people, know that waiting is not easy, but if we get what we want in the end it is worth it.

Friday’s priority school negotiation update.

Is this good or bad? Doesn’t sound good. Apparently no one from the negotiating team is talking AT ALL! Even to their other board members. If it all went south, I would think they would notify them. Which makes me wonder…what may have been compromised from Christina’s draft MOU that will make a lot of people upset?

What Will Obama’s Education Legacy Be?

I would love to see Arne Duncan get taken down. He’s an education leech!

Diane Ravitch's blog

Stephanie Simon of Politico has an interesting analysis of President Obama’s education legacy. While some credit him for his contribution to increasing early childhood education, the likelihood is that his legacy will be a great fizzle because of his unquestioning allegiance to standardized testing. Many Republicans are thinking of restoring greater control to the states and gutting annual testing, but Arne Duncan considers annual testing to be non-negotiable.

Here is Peter Greene’s take on Duncan’s “vision” for NCLB: more of the same. The status quo. Not a whiff of innovative thinking. Greene asks why Duncan is recommending a rewrite of NCLB:

“Why is he doing it now, when he’s had his way for the past several years? The answer is obvious– if the GOP really rewrites ESEA, all of Duncan and Obama’s reformy work will be trashed. Duncan’s announcement is not a clarion call to change a single comma…

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Judge drives last nail in Moyer Charter School coffin re: Closure

Wax on, wax off…it’s 2015. Do you know where your charter school is? This unending saga with school closures needs to stop. How can any school hope to do anything with the threat of closures or lawsuits looming over it’s head constantly. Add to this the impending doom called Smarter Balanced Assessments and everything that will come with that. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail in Washington D.C. and we can put an end to all this nonsense.