More Truly Bizarre Family Foundations Academy Stories Surface

Family Foundations Academy

More stories from Family Foundations Academy are coming to light, and strange doesn’t even begin to describe them.  All sources who have provided these stories have elected to remain anonymous for their own reasons.

One educator advised they did donate part of their paycheck during the school’s “troubled financial crisis” back in 2008, but never received their two promised personal days off.  In fact, the school discouraged employees from taking their state allotted 10 days off.  When teachers were out, their classes of 30 or more were cut in half and put in other classes, which would give classroom sizes of 45 or higher!

A certain office assistant from many years ago sure liked money.  The school had a company they contracted for school pictures.  Apparently, this company would grant those pictures for free to employees of the school.  This office assistant would tell the company certain parents were employees when they weren’t, charged the parents, and kept the money for their own benefit.  This same employee was also in charge of collecting lunch money, but I imagine the amount of food going out was a lot higher than the money coming in.  When called out on this by an admin, another admin came to her defense because this employee also served as a “liason” arranger for this admin in setting up “rendezvous” meetings with the other admin.

At one point, the school arranged for a trip to The White House.  As a brother in the infamous fraternity the school is associated with, the school used the frat brother’s bus company for the trip.  The bus broke down, and had to return to the school.  The bus company agreed to reschedule the trip for free, but an admin charged parents again for the field trip, and kept the money.

The school received funding from Race To The Top, and spent some of this money on a company called Tutoring Works.  Would you like to take a wild guess what fraternity is part of the owner of that company’s profile?  Would you believe only fraternity brothers and one admin were allowed to perform these Saturday tutoring sessions?

Some of the charges by the school have been confirmed.  At one point, the school charged parents and students for a trip to a 76ers game, with a promise of the bus ride, the game, and a dinner.  Unfortunately, hungry parents and children only received a hot dog in tin foil, no drink, and not everyone got a hot dog…  One admin sure loved Arizona Iced Tea, and would purchase many cases of it from a certain wholesale club.  As well as other lots of treats and goodies.

Apparently “motels” was a popular word in texts between parents and certain employees at the school.  So much so that jealousy soon caused considerable rifts.

When FFA was administering the DSTP tests, one teacher would block all the windows with paper and would place candy on the correct answers while the students were taking the test.  This teacher would NOT open the locked door until all the tests were done and in their bag.

Apparently many teachers who were fired or quit due to tyrannical control by admin, many teachers went to the Christina School District.  One admin actually left FFA for the day to see all the teachers at the different schools.  Apparently these were insane moments…

I’m sure there will be more stories that come out, but in the meantime I have not heard back from anyone at Family Foundations Academy about my formal request for a seat on their board.

In the meantime, parents, teachers and concerned citizens, please make formal public comment with the DOE.  Please include your name, and any witnesses to these events.  There are certain laws against retaliation, and the more of you that speak up, the stronger the statements.  I have no clue what will happen with this school in terms of any DOE decision on their charter renewal, but all the allegations and stories about them clearly show this is a school that was run by people who did not have the best interest of students in mind.  If they are to stay open, any admin, staff, or board member associated with any of these allegations needs to be terminated.  As well, any connection with any vendor affiliated with “the frat” needs to be eliminated as a vendor and all future vendors should be on a contract through the state contract system.




7 thoughts on “More Truly Bizarre Family Foundations Academy Stories Surface

  1. I know Brewington has prevented parents from getting their kids tested for IEPs. One family actually left the school after Brewington stonewalled IEP testing and then when they finally qualified for an IEP didn’t provide the outlined therapy.

    In one spiel Brewington gave she stated the school’s goal was to get the kids off their IEPs as quickly as possible. At the time it seemed like a noble goal but now I wonder…

    Brewington was also in the habit of sweeping questionable teacher behavior under the rug if she happened to be buddy-buddy with said teacher.


  2. This is just the normal example of what happens in charter schools… It comes with the territory… Imagine being given large sums of money, and being told that no one cares how it gets spent. No one will audit or watch you. All you have to do is get through a year… and have those kids come back to do it again…

    Charter Schools are being audited across this nation and almost every single one has similar stories as these at FFA.

    The entire idea behind charter schools is completely flawed. There may be other ways to preserve the spirit of them, innovation, without the graft and corruption, and that would be to make their authorizer the district they are in. Capital District should oversee its district’s charters… Christina should oversee its district’s charters.. Colonial should oversee its districts charters. Red Clay already is the authorizer for its districts charters.

    But give an 11 year old girl an Uzi, and you see what happens. Give inexperienced people off the street, millions of dollars with no oversight, and you see what happens… In a moral world, this would be the last year charters are allowed to operate independently in Delaware… Make them responsible to their district.!


  3. This has been going on for years at this school. Problem is they are just scratching the surface. There are still culprits in the school still working that also need to be fired. One of the school’s deans allegedly had inappropriate relations with Sean Moore and has allegedly done questionable deeds regarding discipline related to the children attending this school. At one point mice were overtaking the kitchen at the middle school and parents were wondering where were the funds to hire an exterminator. They sure took there time as mice crawled over the childrens feet as they tried to eat there lunch. Test scores on DCAS were extremely high in FFA until your child attended another school only to find out they were actually behind academically. I asked my child how could this be and she flat out admitted she had been given the answers to the DCAS test by teachers. I am so glad that some of the foolishness that has been going on for years that I have along with other parents have been complaining about is finally coming to light. I am glad the board is changing as well. In the past complaints fell on deaf ears because of the loyalty between the frat brothers and sorority sisters on the board protecting their own Moore and Brewington


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