Uh-oh! Looks like we got a bleeder here! What has Family Foundations Academy done now?

Family Foundations Academy

Yes, I know.  Not another Family Foundations article.  When’s he going to do the long-awaited Rodel follow-up?  As my friend Wilson Jomama once said about another recent charter scandal, it’s like staring at the sun.

Please enjoy the theme music while we look at yet another big oops at this Wilmington charter school.  As mentioned initially on Kilroy’s first FFA Explosion article by a parent, their December 2nd Board meeting had a rather public situation involving a special needs student.  Please read the minutes from this meeting.  While this school has clear transparency issues, this outing of a student was about as transparent as Saran Wrap!

So what did they do wrong?  They looked like pretty concise board minutes to me.  But there’s just that tiny, little baby of a hiccup called student privacy.  I was shocked when I saw a parent commenting on this on Kilroy’s, but to actually see it in their board minutes was shocking!


Yes, they fully revealed a student discipline problem of a student on a 504 plan.  While they didn’t reveal the name of the student, which they proudly boasted in their meeting minutes, unless they have multiple students who bite, kick and hit teachers, this student is easily identifiable.  Not only is this a violation of FERPA, but also Section 504 which is protected by the Office of Civil Rights.  Why the hell would they discuss a discipline issue with a particular student in a public forum like that?  And one with special needs?

It looks like this may have been a cover.  Not that the student wasn’t experiencing those issues (Lord only knows what fresh hell that poor kid was going through at this school), but it was also an impetus for a spotlight to be shown on Dr. Tennell Brewington.  In the minutes there is a whole part about her not using the Child Study Team and the Climate Team to help this student.  Here’s a novel idea, maybe they should have used an IEP Team!!!!  Sorry, no matter what this student may have done as a manifestation of their disability, this public roasting of this student has many violations.  If I were the parent of this student, I would not only be contacting the FERPA department at the US DOE, but also the OCR Office as well.

By the end of the meeting, after executive session, it was announced Dr. Brew was going on a 90 day paid leave of absence.  No explanation was given, but that’s none of our damn business when you read the harsh notes at the end when a member of the public DARED to ask about it.  I wonder what could have caused such a rift between Brewmoore?  Could it…no…maybe…possibly have been a… sorry folks, this isn’t Soap Opera Digest!

Staring at the sun indeed!  If that other recent charter school scandal caused some sun glare, this one is a Super Nova!

If you are sad the holidays are over, do not lament, because Family Foundations Academy is like the gift that keeps on giving…and giving…and giving…and giving!




7 thoughts on “Uh-oh! Looks like we got a bleeder here! What has Family Foundations Academy done now?

  1. I was in attendance of the meeting and those mins are false!! Dr. Brewington was not in the meeting during the time that the student was being discussed. However, Mr. Moore was. The student’s name was most definitely given! The community was in an uproar! Questions were being asked concerning strategies that the teacher and discipline team has tried with the student and Ms. Dolcey was unable to provide answers and making statements such as “This has nothing to do with me.”, I’m just here delivering the information but don’t have all the information.” Ms. Dolcey also disclosed the number of days that this student had been suspended. Again, there were a number of people that asked “Why is this child’s record’s being addressed to the board.” Mr. Brooks, the board president, followed up by saying that nothing was being done to the child but the board wanted to know. Believe me, these minutes are a lie! So much information has been omitted. The teacher was absent as well and could not offer any type of insight. ( the student is in the early years of education) These minutes were not presented at the last meeting, posted online etc. So when were they written and prepared? By the way, who took the minutes and submitted them? This is another lie!

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    1. What you need to do is going to be very brave, but you need to resubmit this to the Delaware DOE, like you did before, but also get other witnesses from the public to verify what you said. And give your names. This type of abuse against a disabled child is beyond words. Thank you for reaching out!


  2. There was an attendance sheet that we all signed and should be part of the public record. I counted at least 25-30 people there. The child’s mother and a Parent Advocate from the University Of Delaware was present as well. You can contact them to verify my story.
    Hint: The child’s first initial is “E”.

    FYI: The Climate Director is the same person that has been report to be Mr. Moore’s girlfriend, the same person that the board was planning to appoint as the teacher representative to the board and same person that filed a grievance against Dr. Brewington.

    Doesn’t that seem fishy to you?

    By the way? What role has Ms. Dolcey played in everything? Was she the one receiving the gifts from Coach and Anna Taylor that Sean used the American Express Card for? Did she attend the John Legend and Alicia Keys concert with him? Or stayed in those hotel rooms that were noted on the American Express Card.


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    1. Any school worth it’s salt would be honest and transparent. I highly doubt FFA would be able to produce that document. C’mon FFA… put it out there!
      But Dolcey is an outside consultant, right? How are most parents acting about all this? Are they freaking out?


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