Both Moore & Brewington Out At Family Foundations Academy, Looking For New Board Members….Should I?

Family Foundations Academy

According to an email sent to all Family Foundations parents the other day, both Sean Moore and Tennell Brewington are out as the heads of school at Family Foundations Academy.

January 2, 2015

Parents and Families of  Family Foundations Academy students:

The Board of Directors and leadership team of  Family Foundations Academy have been working over the Holiday break to assure a smooth return to classes on Monday, January 5 and wanted to update you on events of the past month.

Staffing  Changes.  As was done with Dr. Brewington, Mr. Moore was placed on a 90-day personal leave of absence.  As a result of the Board meeting and work session on New Year’s Eve, the Board determined that Ms. Kathleen Connor, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the Middle School, will assume the role of interim Chief Administrative Officer.  Ms. Connor has been in education for 22 years, and served as Principal of schools in Wilmington for a decade.  Amy Novosel will serve as interim Chief Academic Officer – a role she had unofficially assumed over the past two months.  Ms. Monique Dolcy will continue as School Climate Director, a role she assumed this fall.   Ms. Ismay Da Costa will continue as Finance Manager, a role she assumed a month ago.  No other staffing changes were made.
A School United. The Board and the leadership team participated in a Saturday training on December 13 to ensure a renewed spirit of communication  and collaboration around FFA’s mission and values.  Among the topics were the governance function of the Board, where the duties of Board and the staff intersect, and how to appropriately raise concerns to the Board.  The leadership team then considered the length of the school day, demonstrating communication skills which helped bring all participants together as “A School United”.

Board Changes.  At the January 20 Board meeting, the Board will be considering additions to the Board of Directors.  At the December 22 Board meeting, teacher David Alston stepped down from the Board.   Jason Casper, a 4th and 5th grade teacher in his third year at FFA with extensive business experience, will be considered to replace him. If you are interested in being considered for a Board position, please contact Board Governance Committee Chair Monnica May at (302) 887-0346 (

Charter Renewal Update.  The final decision on FFA’s charter renewal has been postponed until January 15. The public comment period has been extended to January 12.  If you would like to submit a letter or e-mail in support of FFA and its charter renewal, please feel free to contact Mrs. Pat Brooks, FFA’s Satisfaction Officer at (302) 324-8901, ext. 281 or e-mailto:

“Support FFA” Rally on Thursday.  A “Support FFA” rally will be held on Thursday, January 8 at 2 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at the Elementary School.  Please contact Ms. Dolcy, School Climate Director, at (302)324-8901, ext. 306 ( HYPERLINK “” ) if you can attend.

 We are looking forward to moving FFA forward together.

Ms Kathleen Connor, Interim Chief Administrative Officer
Ms. Amy Novosel, Interim Chief Academic Officer 

cc: Board of Directors of  FFA

You know what, you only live once!  What the hell, I have just as much chance as anyone else not in Kappa Alpha Psi!

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5 thoughts on “Both Moore & Brewington Out At Family Foundations Academy, Looking For New Board Members….Should I?

  1. Monnica doesn’t respond to anything not even parents or staff members. She is truly a waste of a board member, and they are going to pick Jason Casper so anyone else who wants the job can forget it. But your letter was hilarious! I hope you don’t run into any FFA admins or board members alone.

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