A Family Foundations Academy Blast From The Past, I’d Love To See Them Try This Now

This was sent to me today about Family Foundations Academy.  This is actually kind of funny given their current financial upheaval.

—–Original Message—–
From: “Tennell Brewington” <tbrewington@ffa.k12.de.us>
Sent 1/11/2008 8:03:18 AM

(teacher emails not included for privacy reasons)

Hello all,

Please know I would not ask of you what I would not do myself.  In light of the budget situation cuts are still needed.  (If I don’t get this credit card paid, someone will figure it out.  Who am I kidding?  No one looks at this stuff!)

I am asking staff if they would contribute between 3% and 5% of their annual salary back to the budget.  (I would go with 5, it’s easier to figure out my cut!)

I have to consider “thinking outside the box” to help us be successful.  (I’m almost at the credit limit.  This is an emergency!!!)

This would be a temporary deduction just until July of 08.  Your salary would go back to its normal amount. (If you’re still here… suckers!)

If we make it through this fiscal year we can consider bonuses again that would be applied in September.  (Bonus…that reminds me.  Did I give myself my weekly bonus last paycheck?)

I will be giving back $10,000 of my salary to the budget.  (But I’ll double it with your donations!!! Cha-ching!)

I would prefer to give back than to let go of my wonderful family members whom I have grown to love and appreciate.  (And manipulate and cheat)

You are not required to do this.  Please do the calculation and what you feel you can spare is appreciated. (More than you know!  I saw a sapphire necklace that is so me!)

If you can not I sincerely understand. (But please know, you may not be here much longer)

If you are able and willing to give back, please respond only to me with the amount you are willing to give back.  The amount would be spread over the remaining pays for the school year which is 15. (Spread… I have to get a new bedspread.  ____ doesn’t like the one I have)



Dr. Tennell Brewington


—–Original Message—–
From: “Tennell Brewington” <tbrewington@ffa.k12.de.us>
Sent 1/11/2008 9:12:45 AM

Yeah, I’m sure teachers were okay with this.  No cause for alarm.

Subject: FW: Family Support


I want everyone to understand that the give back you are willing to do will not guarantee that I will not have to let staff go. (But the give back you are NOT willing to do puts you on my naughty list so count your days)

I am trying to be as creative as possible to avoid this action, but it may still be necessary in order the contributions to help.  (Give them something to be afraid of.  They are like puddy in my hands)

In the event that I do have to let staff go, this would only apply to those staff remaining with us. (Those who contribute to the Tennell mortgage payment fund)

Thanks again for your consideration.


Dr. Tennell BrewingtonDirector

Four hours and twenty minutes later, and I’m still getting the “Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Willis” looks from everyone.  This has got to stop!  Amazon has a new watch going up in their daily deal in five minutes!

From: “Tennell Brewington” <tbrewington@ffa.k12.de.us>
Sent 1/11/2008 12:23:47 PM

Please give me your money so I can go get a foot massage today.  If you don’t, I can’t guarantee you will keep your job.  But everything is okay!

Subject: Family Support

Hello all,

Please if you have any questions please speak with me.

I am glad to answer any questions.

Just to reiterate the request is to get the school through this fiscal year.

The budget was set with a higher enrollment this year.

Unfortunately, due to the unsatisfactory work of specific individuals who are no longer here their work severely impacted the budget and revenue.

This does not affect next year.

We expect and will secure an enrollment of 350 to 375.

All teachers who remain will have first choice of grade assignments and all teachers who remain will be given job choice first before we hire new teachers.  New teachers will not be hired until after 9/30.

Again, please do not spread rumors or incorrect information.

Please speak with me.



Dr. Tennell Brewington


Those pesky teachers.  Starting rumors and innuendo when I was just asking them to give up some of their teacher salary.  Who do those teachers think they are?  This isn’t a public school district, all must come to me.

From: “Tennell Brewington” <tbrewington@ffa.k12.de.us>
Sent 1/12/2008 9:21:19 AM

Subject: Thank you

Hello all,

Your support to help the school is more than I could ever pray for. (Dear God, please get me out of here so I can get to the mall!)

Many of you were willing to help. (Not really, but if I put it out there others will feel guilty)

Words can not thank you enough. (But money can, thank you, thank you!)

I know many of you were skeptical, but I saw the truth and passion in many of you. (And I got the flyer for today’s Macys One Day sale)

I can’t say thank you enough. (But I’m still keeping all those state increases in teacher salaries.  I have bills to pay!  I have a date with ____ tonight and he loves when I wear….)

Those of you who contribute will be given 2 extra personal days for the 2008-2009 school year. (Cause I really don’t care if you are here to educate students.  If I can get some coin from you, it’s all good!)

Thank you very much.

Jenee and I will share how much we saved in the budget shortly. (After we sneak up to Philly for lunch!)

Thank you very much.

Dr. Tennell Brewington


Could you imagine the mass mutiny this school would have if she tried pulling that crap today?  I wonder how much of these “donations” went back into the budget and not her pocket!






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