Family Foundations Parents AND Teachers, It’s Time To Tell The Truth!!!!!

Family Foundations Academy

Anyone even remotely associated with Family Foundations Academy needs to bear all about this school, and now would be the time to do it.  If you know of any problems there such as financial mismanagement, bullying issues, abuse, harassment, special education issues, test manipulation, anything, please be honest and let the Delaware Department of Education Charter School Office know what’s really going on there.  Children are the victims of the outright fraud and manipulation perpetrated by the Heads of School there.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter who spent more on school credit cards for personal use.  It’s not right, and anything else that has gone on there needs to be brought to the surface.  This message is also for teachers, former teachers, staff members and any board member that wants to come clean.

Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and the Delaware State Board of Education will make a decision on the charter renewal of Family Foundations Academy at the January 15th State Board of Education meeting.  They are also extending public comment until the end of the day on January 12th.

As per the charter school office website:

On December 18, pursuant to the approval of the Family Foundations Academy Board of Directors to waive the 60-day time period for a decision on its renewal application, the Secretary of Education deferred the decision to allow for necessary due diligence on potentially serious allegations of financial mismanagement.  The Secretary of Education will announce his decision at the January 15, 2015 State Board of Education meeting, to be held at 1:00 p.m. in the Townsend Building in Dover.

Under the original renewal process timeline, the deadline for public comment was Friday, December 12 and the record closed prior to the December 18 State Board of Education meeting. Since the timeline for FFA’s renewal has been extended, the DOE will also extend the timeline in which public comments may be submitted and materials may be added to the record. The new deadline for all public comment and new materials will be Monday, January 12, at 11:59 p.m.

All public comment and new materials may be submitted to the Charter School Office by email at Public comments may also be submitted through an online form.


11 thoughts on “Family Foundations Parents AND Teachers, It’s Time To Tell The Truth!!!!!

  1. FFA deserves a renewal. The staff and students work hard in those two buildings. It isn’t fair that 800+ students should suffer because of the actions of two individuals. The teachers at FFA care about our kids education.

    I think parents, teachers and community members need to speak up in support of FFA. They can hire a new headmaster if they need to, but don’t shut down the school because brewington and moore can’t be trusted with a credit card. The students and the teachers didn’t do anything wrong.



  2. Josiah- I hear you and unfortunately from what I’ve read online and in news articles, the board of your school has failed your school. They have not managed the school well and may just lose their opportunity to have a charter. Tax payers can’t trust the board with public funding and while the teachers and the students are clearly not to blame, the board is the entity that is granted the charter. They have not lived up to their responsibility and it seems others might be hurt by their careless actions – the board and school leaders clearly didn’t care about the teachers or students as they tried to find ways to hide the fraud from the state and official auditors…they also didn’t even take any action until someone blew the whistle on their deception.

    I’m stunned by the fact that your post puts no blame on the board who is actually the charter holder and that you even doubt whether you need to hire a new school leader after the documentation shows the current ones have mismanaged over a hundred thousand dollars….can you imagine the impact that money could have had on materials and programs for students rather than car loans, electronics, and spa trips for the school administration?!

    If you have bacteria growing in your kitchen it will sooner or later begin infecting your food no matter how many flowers, air sprays, or pretty pictures you put up to detract from the smell of something somewhere rotting.

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    1. Gotta agree with MHS on this one Josiah. And there is much more that will come out about this dynamic duo (shameless plug for an upcoming article). I don’t trust anyone on the board at all. I would find it extremely difficult to believe they weren’t in on it too.


  3. I don’t know anything about the board, my grandchildren go to FFA and have had the best teachers my daughter and I could ask for. If the board is guilty, then get rid of their behinds too! Just don’t allow the students to suffer by having to go to another school, and don’t let the staff suffer for doing their jobs. That’s all I’m sayin.


    1. But if the board is gone, and the heads of schoiol are gone, who runs the school? The state? That won’t happen. They tried that with Moyer and it didn’t work out too well. I agree with you, it would be a true shame that students and teachers would be shuffled around because of corruption and fraud and other shenanigans. But unfortunately with charter schools, if the core is rotten, there is no apple.


  4. The school is in capable hands. The parents(my daughter) got an email today. Mrs. Connor is the interim head of school. She taught my grandson two years ago. She seems capable to run the school. They can get a new board, there are plenty of decent folk who want to see this school succeed. There are some changes in the board from what the letter said. I just hope my grandkids can continue to get their education from FFA. It’s been a great place for so many families.


  5. I agree with Josiah that the charter for FFA needs to be renewed. I’m a former teacher at FFA and I can tell you that the teachers there are hard working, completely dedicated and caring to their students. If other qualified leaders can lead the school there should be no reason to not renew their charter therefore displacing over 800 students. I do agree that the school board needs to be looked into and changes made if necessary.


    1. Wow, you’re the first former teacher I’ve spoken to that had such nice things to say about FFA. Any other former teachers out there that want to give comment? Don’t be shy…


  6. As a parent of FFA Students who has been there since the begining I feel that what they did was a disservice to the students and parents whom have been Ride or Die with FFA since its Opening. It’s hard to find a minority diverse school these days who is on the up and up. It is a shame that so many families will be affected by their greed and dishonest ways.


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