Is This State Of Delaware Employee The Man Behind The Priority Curtain?

Delaware DOE


Thanks to the anonymous emailer, who would only go by “BandAidRules”,  for sending me this.  But I verified his credentials on LinkedIn and they were an exact match!  Last summer, Kilroy posted an article about how Murphy goes through assistants quite a bit.  Well, it looks like this guy had a very specific reason for leaving.   But my bigger question would be why he would leave a lucrative job at Morgan Stanley to work for the Delaware DOE.  That is a huge career decline.  The top DOE employee, Mark Murphy, makes around $170,000.00.  I’ve bolded certain words and phrases for emphasis.  Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Ryan Fennerty:

Ryan Fennerty

Director at Committee to Advance Educator Compensation & Careers

Wilmington, Delaware
Public Policy
  1. Committee to Advance Educator Compensation & Careers,
  2. Office of Governor Jack Markell
  1. Delaware Department of Education,
  2. Independent Consultant,
  3. Morgan Stanley
  1. Yale University




Committee to Advance Educator Compensation & Careers

July 2014 – Present (6 months)Wilmington, Delaware

Staff director for state-level committee comprised of the chairs of the House and Senate Education Committees, Secretary of Education, President of the State Board of Education, and State Education Association leaders (among others), to develop an alternative compensation system for Delaware’s 10,000 public school educators. Oversee supporting staff, policy development, analytical and financial due diligence, stakeholder engagement and public communications.

Special Advisor

Office of Governor Jack Markell

July 2014 – Present (6 months)Wilmington, Delaware

Special Assistant to the Secretary of Education

Delaware Department of Education

February 2013 – July 2014 (1 year 6 months)Dover, Delaware Area

Served as a policy advisor and project manager for the Secretary of Education on state-wide initiatives tied to school and district accountability, school choice, education funding practices and policies, public communications, and long-term strategic planning. Served as member of department leadership team which provides strategic direction for state-wide education policy.

Project Manager – Special Projects

Independent Consultant

September 2012 – January 2013 (5 months)Dover, Delaware Area

Served as a project manager supporting the Secretary of Education on priority projects related to school turnaround, district and school accountability, compensation reform, strategic communications, organizational realignment, and the development of a multi-year policy agenda.

Morgan Stanley

Senior Analyst – Investment Banking

Morgan Stanley

June 2011 – August 2012 (1 year 3 months)NYC

Third year investment banking analyst for Morgan Stanley’s Transportation team. Sectors of focus included airlines, aircraft leasing, contract logistics, services, trucking, and transportation infrastructure. Lead analyst on six live transactions including sell-side M&A, leveraged buyout, and debt and equity financings.

Morgan Stanley

Associate – Sales & Trading

Morgan Stanley

July 2008 – May 2011 (2 years 11 months)NYC

European market generalist providing sales coverage for New York-based institutional clients with investment strategies dedicated to European equity markets. Actively covered 20 senior institutional clients (primarily hedge funds) with a focus on event-driven, special situations, global fundamental, and long-short investment strategies.

And he has some very interesting companies he follows:




Didn’t a certain Governor used to be a consultant for McKinsey?  TNTP: Now that’s a shocker!  Sounds like this guy has his hands in a lot of different education pies.  Reread by big Rodel article from November, and see how this guy is the quiet man in that picture!


9 thoughts on “Is This State Of Delaware Employee The Man Behind The Priority Curtain?

  1. Are we headed to the same situation as York, PA???? Lame duck governor, naming of priority schools, etc………..scary indeed!!!


  2. If Mr. Fennerty started at Morgan Stanley in 2008, right out of college, he was born around ’86, yes? So he’s not quite 30 yrs. old. Why are so many of the hands-on ed. “reformers” (as opposed to the more powerful folks calling the shots, above them) barely adults?


    1. Because they can be shaped and molded based on promises of wealth, greed, and power. They have not gone through enough adult life experiences to truly know what they are doing. And many of them do not have children in school, so they lack the first-hand knowledge to truly understand what they are setting in motion. I’ve actually heard rumors, unsubstantiated by anyone within the building, that DOE employees are opting their children out of Smarter Balanced. The law states that employees of education in the state, be it local or state, cannot do this. But who is to say their spouse can’t if they don’t work for the state?


  3. This guy, just like the rest of the minions, majors in bullshit. During the one workgroup I attended, he did a very nice job of listening and acting as he cared about what my group said. Unfortunately for him, I don’t trust anyone from Markell’s office or DOE.


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