Will Odyssey Charter School Headmaster Swim Downstream?

Odyssey Charter School

My mole in the Delaware charter school community has informed me Odyssey Charter School Headmaster Dr. Nick Manolakos has applied for the position of Head of School at Providence Creek Academy in Clayton, DE.  This would be an interesting move for Manolakos.  Does this mean all Providence Creek kids will be required to learn Greek?  From the parents I know at this school, they will be less than thrilled at that prospect!

From the Odyssey Charter School PTO Facebook page, there is now a Move On petition to renew Manolakos’ contract at Odyssey. So I went to check the link, and sure enough, there it is: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/renew-dr-manolakos-ocs?source=c.em.mt&r_by=12008808

Renew Dr. Manolakos’ OCS Employment Contract

To be delivered to OCS School Board

Petition Statement

The Parents of Odyssey Charter School strongly urge that the Odyssey School Board renew Dr. Nick Manolakos’ employment contract immediately. The OCS Parents want to ensure Dr. Manolakos remains the leader of our school as we grow into a full K-12 school.
There are currently 284 signatures. NEW goal – We need 300 signatures!
Petition Background

Odyssey Charter School is an outstanding school with high academic performance and a supportive community of students, families and faculty.

This is in no small part due to our leader, Dr. Nick Manolakos. The OCS Parents highly value the culture he has created, the leadership he has demonstrated and the academic achievement he has driven.

Because of this, the OCS Parents do not want to lose Dr. Manolakos. Therefore the OCS Parents want the OCS School Board to renew Dr. Manolakos’ employment contract.

Jen Ballas, PTO Board Rep
Kate Klemas, OCS Parent at Large Board Rep
Shelly Towler, PTO President

3 thoughts on “Will Odyssey Charter School Headmaster Swim Downstream?

  1. Amazing how he even was awarded this job when he has an offensive touching charge from Skyline Middle and was put at A I as a locker boy to unlock lockers for 2. Years.


    1. It amazes me that his practices of poor leadership and bad practices lasted as long as they did. As a building level Principal, he is serves as an example as how not to lead a school. I commend the OCS Board of Directors on their move but wonder what took them so long.


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