Exceptional Delaware Celebrates 6 Months!

Exceptional Delaware

It’s hard to believe Exceptional Delaware is already half a year old.  This little project officially began one Friday night back in June.  I spent a long time trying to figure out the name of the blog, and when it came to me it I knew I had to start it right away.

Back then, my focus was solely on special education in Delaware.  But once you open up a door, there can be many rooms.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would write so much about the Delaware DOE, but there is a treasure trove of material to cover with them.  Almost every day recently.  I intend to focus on how our DOE is compared to the big picture in the country.  Delaware is it’s own bizarre little world at times, and it’s a lot like Cheers, where everybody knows your name.  But there are many outside forces that influence how things run in Delaware, more than I ever thought possible.  But they all filter through Governor Markell.

Special education is still the heart and soul of Exceptional Delaware.  Who would have thought special education would become an even bigger issue right after I started this?  They say timing is everything, and what with the Fed announcement about Delaware in late June, the IEP Task Force, changes to state law regarding special needs children and state assessments, and the virtual ignorance of special education by certain factions in Delaware, I picked a good time to start this adventure.

The next couple weeks will be VERY interesting.  The DOE is going to have a bad week next week.  And there will be fallout.  2015 is a year of Vision, because Vision told us that.  Everyone laughs at them, because they change their years so much.  But make no mistake about it, they did reach their goals for 2015.  The only problem is they aren’t the goals the public knows about.  Like any fine wine, certain things need to age a bit, but mark my words Rodel: I’m not done with you yet, not by a long shot!  But I am glad I caught your attention.

Thank you to all the readers: parents, teachers, legislators, citizens, DOE employees, and fellow bloggers.  This would be nothing without you!

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