What People Said On Facebook & Twitter About The Rodel, Markell & Herdman Articles



As anyone knows, Kilroy is the king of the Delaware education blogs, therefore he gets many comments. Exceptional Delaware does not get anywhere close the amount on Kilroy’s Delaware, and I’m okay with that.  I recently overheard someone say “No one reads this blog.  Nobody really comments on it.”   I do post links to my articles on many Facebook groups and Twitter, some of which are closed to the public. These links provide many comments, and are circulated all over the place.  I would like to show some of those comments on some of my recent articles, with names redacted for these comments.

The Rodel/Markell/Hedge Fund Article: https://exceptionaldelaware.wordpress.com/2014/11/19/delaware-race-to-the-top-hedge-funds-millions-wasted-the-story-of-rodel-markell-charters-the-vision-network-kilroysdelaware-ed_in_de-dwablog-apl_jax-nannyfat-ecpaige-delawarebat/

Oh. My. Gosh. The most important article on education in Delaware you will read is right here. It will take you a long time to read this. Read it now. Bookmark it. Read it again tomorrow. Rodel has single-handedly redrawn the education landscape in Delaware. What you are about to read will make your head spin, but it requires your attention. This is our Governor’s education agenda.

This is awesome! Sure wish we could recall Jack Markell! Can’t wait for him to leave!

Amazing research….fills in a lot of the gaps in the Priority Schools Initiative. Herdman owes Kevin his doctorate!

Have put it on my timeline. Needs to be required reading for teachers, administrators, and ed school students!

This needs to be circulated/published widely

Interesting, so it should be no surprise that the plan all along has been for these “priority” schools to fail. It is obvious that these people do not care about the students. They are nothing more than $$ to them! These students and their teachers obviously had higher powers in the state rooting against them. The only way they will be allowed to succeed will be when they come in and make them charter schools! Miraculously, once they become charters, these schools will magically be provided tools that we all know could have made them successful years ago. Oh yea… if they had been successful years ago these hedge funds from charters wouldn’t have made these investors wealthy. This is such a sin!!!! There is nothing more despicable than one who gains from the misfortune of innocent children. Where is NEA on all of this?

Shoulda went with Carney

Yes, where is NEA? This article is exactly what I thought was happening. This needs to be published!!!!!

Very disappointing! Selling out children and public education for what… money? This makes me sick.

It’s not just the schools. Budinger and Rodel have been toxic to Delaware in many ways…..

It’s once again all about the almighty dollar. It’s very disappointing to see the greed of people in positions who could really make a difference. Con artist is what they are.

Markell hates public schools…. been obvious forever

A “must read”……that is “MUST”……

Where’s my barf bag?

I feel the urge to throw up again just looking at this link. EVERYONE should read it and know the truth!

Sitting with mouth wide open…

I knew this was coming but the depth of it is shocking.

It is VERY shocking….a well-devised, utterly disgusting plan. How do people actually sit around and discuss how they can destroy public education, and people’s livelihoods, while making tons of money?! It’s heartless!

Things that make you go hmmmm!

Race To The Top: Corruption in education


Dr. Herdman’s Response & My Challenge: https://exceptionaldelaware.wordpress.com/2014/11/22/rodels-ceo-dr-herdman-sent-an-email-re-rodel-article-my-response-challenge-kilroysdelaware-ed_in_de-rceaprez-apl_jax/

Ho. Lee. Shit. Rodel CEO Paul Herdman sent Exceptional Delaware blogger Kevin Ohlandt an email voicing his displeasure with his masterful investigative report. You. Must. Read. Kevin’s. Response. Especially all you Priority Schools teachers!! OMG.

Can’t wait to see him at Highlands….where 3 special education teachers, the speech pathologist, the school psychologist, and the educational diagnostician all share ONE classroom due to lack of space.

That is a kick ass article.

Rodel is about money, not the kids.

Perhaps this just could very well be the “catalyst” for change to end the insanity that has become our “public” school system in Delaware. If charter schools believe they are public, they are in serious denial. I just wished I documented more when I worked at a charter school. There should have been some serious civil rights violations filed.

This is an awesome article, with requests that I’m sure we’ll never see because he’ll come up with some stupid excuse. Way to go Kevin.

That was an awesome response. Being a high school teacher at an inner city school that was transformed a few years ago I understand how the teachers of the 6 schools feel. It is a scary, surreal ride. Then hearing you will have to reapply for your jobs again! I was petrified during this process. It was also very embarrassing for us too. And when you had to say the name of your school, (cringe) !!! I wish you guys luck.

Kevin, your article is awesome! I particularly think the tone of your response is very positive. Looking forward to hearing about your meeting with Dr. Herdman!

Don’t think the meeting will ever happen. How can all that public info be explained???? It can’t. Because it’s the truth.

Which is EXACTLY why Herdman emailed Kevin…..he has A LOT to hide and doesn’t like someone uncovering it.

What cracks me up is this guy is probably sitting at home wondering what my agenda is. Which is funny cause I have no agenda. I’m just a pissed off special needs dad who is sick of the games Rodel and Markell play.

No, Kevin, he’s probably sitting at home wondering how the HELL you found out all that sh*$ on him….and wondering why you didn’t respond to his email with an apology, then just move on to something else?! I bet he’s now having his cronies dig up anything/everything they can about YOU. He’s scared….he’s really, really scared.

Kevin you are so on point and have such great writing skills. You called it out to seek the truth. Wish they had the balls to meet you.

Just a thought…teachers have to spend many hours in various classroom settings working with students before ever becoming certified. In addition, to gain recertification every 5 years, teachers have to submit to DOE proof of 90 additional clock hours of professional development that directly affects their classroom instruction. All of this is accomplished while these same teachers continue their daily responsibilities in the classroom with students. If one is going to construct crucial policy that directly impacts education, shouldn’t they too be required to spend a set number of hours in various classroom settings before they may be deemed “educational policy experts”? How many hours do these policy makers spend in classroom settings? Shouldn’t this be a requirement for them? I’m not talking about them going in to a school long enough to get their picture taken for a PR opportunity, or even mentoring an individual student! I am talking about getting in there and really rolling up their sleeves to get a taste of reality. Perhaps even 90 hours every 5 years, just like teachers! If they don’t do it, they may not make any decisions related to educational policy!! Requiring this of our policy makers could be the very thing we need in order to assure that we have more “qualified” decision makers at the top driving meaningful, common sense changes that would truly benefit our public schools. Nothing like some hands on experience in the classroom to make one aware of what the real day to day issues are in public schools! I truly think Kevin is on to something here. Get them in the classrooms of these schools which they are labeling “priority schools”! It should be a mandatory requirement!!

If anyone is interested, it’s day five, and no response from Dr. Herdman!

He’s probably on an expensive vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday….checking on his off-shore accounts. Let’s see what happens next week.

6 thoughts on “What People Said On Facebook & Twitter About The Rodel, Markell & Herdman Articles

  1. As a teacher in the priority schools I find your blog to be a source of credible information. I don’t make many comments but please know many of us in these schools refer to you and your blog when discussing issues that impact our field. Keep up the good work.


  2. Kevin, the ones who say they don’t read it, are usually the ones you receive the RSS feed and check their phones a million times an hour for updates!


  3. I was seriously impressed with the large number of folks across the US sharing your blog on their Facebook pages…anyone who says you aren’t an important voice in the Delaware blogosphere is clueless. Intentionally or not is debatable 😉


  4. Tell those people who equate large numbers of comments with the level of readership, that I said they are dirt stupid. That has to be the most ridiculous thing every uttered in November.


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